Multiple device mass import?

Topic: Multiple device mass import?

I am trying to find a way to speed up adding active devices to our system as we add 50 or more at a time and doing them individually takes an unacceptable amount of time.

I am not seeing any way to do this but have to believe it is possible or could be with the proper converters or update to the system to allow a mass import.

I can see either a tool that takes a spread sheet and splits each line into a separate WLP file for importing or a mass import feature added to the system.

If I am missing a simple way to do this, I apologize as I did not see it.

Thank you.


Multiple device mass import?

Re: Multiple device mass import?

why not developing a little tool which just use the SDK and creates accounts and units up to your needs? than you just select the excel file and thats it

i would say, 2-3 days work for a software developer!


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Multiple device mass import?

Re: Multiple device mass import?

That is not a bad idea, but this seems like something that most other providers seem to have built in.   

Gurtam uses a format that is not easy to work with so one would think they would create tools to make it easier to use.