Location data format

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Topic: Location data format


I'm doing a project right now and the device I'm using send the data like this:

Let x be any integer.

The challenge is, I live in the western hemisphere and the W prefix in the longitudinal value followed by the - sign creates an issue and Wialon positions the location in the Indian Ocean. Is there any way to manipulate this data and/or see the raw data on the server that has not been interpreted?


Location data format

Re: Location data format

hi dwight,

if the basic protocol is already implemented in Wialon, why not asking support@gurtam.com to fix this issue?


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Location data format

Re: Location data format


If the protocol is not in Wialon it will do the conversion of you location coordinates into Wialon if it is not then you need to do a conversion into the Wialon format prior to sending to Wialon.


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