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We are new to Wialon Hosting and have added our first client utilising this platform.

We have read through the online manual on how to create a new client using CMS manager but thought it is ok for now we have not set up our client how we believe it should be.

Attached is how we need to have it in order to best manage and also how we set our first account up. We do believe that the way we want to set things up is the way the system is designed to be when we do it correctly but we fail to be able to it.

Are there any online video tutorials or a better step-by-step available to assist because we have tried creating a few "dummy" accounts trying different ways but we are obviously missing something big time. :-(

Any assistance or advice extremely welcome.


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FleetPursuit  Good day!

your desired structure doesn't seem really hard to me. so i guess this is just the matter of select of the proper creator for an element while creating. Anyway if support@gurtam.com has not been enough please contact your regional manager to arrange this online.

Regarding your questions in PDF:

It doesn't matter who's the creator of the unit in terms of management. Being the main user you will have full rights to all units in all accounts in any case.


When creating an unit you may go with 2 options:

- assign all units in your main account, this way you will have all units in your main account and you will have to give rights to the underneath account and all his users manually.

- distribute units while creating in undernreath accounts (choose their main users as Creator), this way the creator of the underneath account will have all rights to this placed units automatically, then you will have to give rights to other users of those accounts.

The second option seems better to me according to your required structure and simply to avoid the mess in units then, but certainly both ways will work and it is up to you to choose one best for you.

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Did you examined this link?

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Thanks to your great support team we have worked out where we were going wrong!

Additionally they further assisted us by providing the link for training.

This training detail/material is proving great and we will complete in the next couple of days.

Just what we needed!

Thanks for your help.

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You are welcome! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again. And thank you for the nice words!

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