registryFuelFillingEvent issue

Topic: registryFuelFillingEvent issue

Hi everybody!

I 'm trying to register a refueling event with the function registryFuelFillingEvent but this is recorded in the table "Utilization cost" inside of "Fuel fillings" table.. This is the code..

unit.registryFuelFillingEvent(date, descripcion, x, y, location,volume, cost, desviation, function (code) {  
    if (code) {
        msj("Error en la funcion " + wialon.core.Errors.getErrorText(code));
        msj("Se ha registrado la recarga exitosamente.");

I need something more?



registryFuelFillingEvent issue

Re: registryFuelFillingEvent issue

Hi, Denis

When you register any event in Wialon (in your case fuel filling) it used for different reports. Checked it, same event appears in "Utilization cost", "Fuel fillings" and "Events".

Why its not ok? Reports tables are data visualization tool, but not data storage.