Partners Support Appreciation

Topic: Partners Support Appreciation

Dear Wolf,

Thank you so much for the support you have granted to now am really exicted to play around with Geofence routing etc , you managed to help me understand lots of stuff despite your busy schedules and i am so glad .

I have used other platforms before and i truly never seen such a wonderful Wialon family especially support to new partners like me , now i wont shy away to ask any questions as i truly seen the worth being in this forum.

Thank you also John Grygorcewicz very helpful and supportive as like now am looking for a fuel monitoring system to offer to our market with no sensors - Drilling holes .

Thank you also Wialon support team you stand to be the best

Thank you
stevewangara my Skype ID am always happy to chat with new people


Partners Support Appreciation

Re: Partners Support Appreciation

Thanks Steven,

always a pleasure and i must say that you already was ready for Wialon ;-) Basically everything fine configured, just some little tricks and you can get your Wialon Manager Certifcate ;-)


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