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Dear Administrator,

Always wore Orange Free Trace, which happens migrated to wialon hosting, and I have 2 units that need to delete the orange trace and include them in wialon hosting.

My hosting account is wialon kademucarro, linked to contato@kademeucarro.com.br email.

Unit 1 - 359,710,042,439,134 IMEI and phone +556199752772 - email kdmeucarro@gmail.com

Unit 2 - 863,070,014,300,775 IMEI and phone +556198359896 - vwgol user
I no longer have the email to recover the password.

I await urgent Friend

Renato Salão - www.kademeucarro.com.br

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the answer was given in the corresponding topic at gps-trace forum:http://forum.gps-trace.com/en/topic/511 … #entry2915

Diana Cheley
Wialon Hosting Expert