Getting converting timezome value tz

Topic: Getting converting timezome value tz

I need some help in converting tz (Timezone) value into offset seconds.

Wialon hosting provides timezome as tz .

[{"n":"tz","v":"134232128"},{"n":"dst","v":"-1"},{},{"error":6},{"n":"city","v":"Abu Dhabi"},{"n":"cfmt","v":"0"},{"n":"msakey","v":""},{"n":"muf","v":"16"}]

This time translates to  3-Apr-1974 06:42:08 pm

How can I convert this time to into offset seconds ?


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Getting converting timezome value tz

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Re: Getting converting timezome value tz

Let's convert decimal 'tz'-value into hexadecimal value: 134232128(10) = 8003840(16).
Now please pay attention to the pages below:
1. http://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/r … t/time/dst
2. http://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/r … e/timezone
According to p.1 flag value 0x08000000 means you have no DST settings.
P.2 page gives you your time zone which is GMT+04 ( 3840(16) = 14400(10) ).

N.B. Please note that 'tz'-value has no connection to UNIX-time.

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