Issues getting get_items_access flags

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Topic: Issues getting get_items_access flags

I am trying to determine which item_access flags are enabled for an item from the decimal value received by requesting get_items_access on wialon kit/hosting.

I have so far managed to get this far:


    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'View item and its basic properties' ,'dec'=>1);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'View detailed item properties' ,'dec'=>2);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Manage access to this item' ,'dec'=>4);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Delete item' ,'dec'=>8);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Rename item' ,'dec'=>16);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'View custom fields' ,'dec'=>32);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Manage custom fields' ,'dec'=>64);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Edit not mentioned properties' ,'dec'=>128);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Change icon' ,'dec'=>256);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Query reports or messages' ,'dec'=>512);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Edit ACL propagated items' ,'dec'=>1024);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Manage item log' ,'dec'=>2048);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'View administrative fields' ,'dec'=>4096);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Edit administrative fields' ,'dec'=>8192);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Edit connectivity settings (device type, UID, phone, access password, messages filter)' ,'dec'=>1048576);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Create, edit, and delete sensors' ,'dec'=>2097152);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Edit counters' ,'dec'=>4194304);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Delete messages' ,'dec'=>8388608);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Execute commands' ,'dec'=>16777216);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Register events' ,'dec'=>33554432);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'View service intervals' ,'dec'=>268435456);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Create, edit, and delete service intervals' ,'dec'=>536870912);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Import messages' ,'dec'=>1073741824);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Export messages' ,'dec'=>2147483648);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'View commands' ,'dec'=>17179869184);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Create, edit, and delete commands' ,'dec'=>34359738368);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Edit trip detector and fuel consumption' ,'dec'=>274877906944);
    $access_flags[] = array('ds'=>'Use unit in jobs, notifications, routes, retranslators' ,'dec'=>549755813888);

    for example the sum of the decimal flag value of the following items 

    View item and its basic properties
    View detailed item properties
    Manage access to this item
    Delete item
    Rename item
    View custom fields
    Manage item log
    View administrative fields

    = 6207


    $get_items_access = 6207; 

    foreach($access_flags as $k=>$v){
        $dec =$v['dec'];
        $ds =$v['ds'];
        $result =     $dec & $get_items_access; //bitwise
            $selected =1;
             echo "<br />$ds";
        } else{
            $selected =0;


But the problem with this method is that the last four items

0400000000     View commands
0800000000     Create, edit, and delete commands
4000000000     Edit trip detector and fuel consumption
8000000000     Use unit in jobs, notifications, routes, retranslators

cannot be resolved since PHP does not seem to handle bitwise operations on  numbers larger than 32 bit.
for example if i include

0800000000    Create, edit, and delete commands

the get_items_access number will become:

$get_items_access  = 34359744575;

And it will not show the last four settings.

Does anyone have a solution.

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Issues getting get_items_access flags

Re: Issues getting get_items_access flags

kaippally wrote:

cannot be resolved since PHP does not seem to handle bitwise operations on  numbers larger than 32 bit.

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8640 … ger-on-php

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