OSM map conversion confusion

Topic: OSM map conversion confusion

Dear forum members,

Beside my search I did not find discution on this subject and I would hear a second opinion.
We have installed wialon pro on our server and we will use osm maps for Europe and proprietary
maps for our country. 
Is there a functional way to convert osm maps with avd_mapper in order to obtain correct
reverse geo coding location in format street, city, country and road,nearest city,country?
The convert tool convert osm maps and give me 2/3 of correct results and 1/3 of the data
are unusable (no location at all, wrong street with good city and most confusing good street
but with wrong city).Maybe I do not use avd_mapper correctly or there is some undocumented procedure.

Does anyone have success in making some additional module for wialon pro in order to access
external service for reverse geo coding (open source or paid service)?

The most confusing in converting osm maps is the fact that the maps contain all the geo coding
data and that avd_mapper tool for some strange reason do not handle properly all the data.
When I installed nominatim server osm maps were imported without any problem and all the
location have full structure - street/road,city,region,country. To me it means that all the location
data are in the osm file itself with full hierarchy.

Is there any tool to check and view avd maps before posting them on the server? This tool would be very useful
and could help save us lot of time.



OSM map conversion confusion

Re: OSM map conversion confusion

It is also interesting!

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