GPS for Farm Tractors

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Topic: GPS for Farm Tractors

Hi everyone!

We have around 50 farm tractors installed with GPS and one of our major goal is to monitor whether:

1) The operators are working in the areas they are assigned to (we have database of geofences to validate with) or --
2) Working on any other farms not registered to our company (which we do not have any geofences of)

We have already established the best way to achieve the first goal above, through the use of geofences and of course, Hecterra! 

Our problem is the second item, we don't have any geofences of other adjacent farms or any farms further from our own farm areas that are not registered in our program. I call it, "unofficial farm servicing and personal interest"

I have added an image illustrating a silly opinion I don't know if it is possible. I would be willing to try any approach or programming language to use.

Thanks a lot in advance!


GPS for Farm Tractors

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anyone? sad


GPS for Farm Tractors

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Let me try to describe you the options we have.

1. Hecterra can detect the work only in the fields added to the application.So, most likely Hecterra won't help with your request.
Still it is possible to manually analyze the tracks outside the added fileds and manually add them later.

2. It is possible to calculate approximate covered area with a help of main Wialon interface. It is also possible to ignore area covered outside the fields (geofences).
But it is not possible to automatically separate "travelling" tracks and work on other fields. Unless there is some kind of a sensor (or parameter) that is ON when the work is in process.

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GPS for Farm Tractors

Re: GPS for Farm Tractors

Thanks Zark!

Can you recommend a hint on how to perform a workaround regarding number 2 of your response?

Kind regards,