Inaccuracy of Reports that needs attention from Nimbus Developers

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Topic: Inaccuracy of Reports that needs attention from Nimbus Developers


Situation 1

1. We assign units to rides programatically via Nimbus API.

2. We pushed data from our Driver Display Unit to our server to Nimbus as soon as the drivers entered Route, Time and Direction.

3. We never use  'Automatic Assignment' for rides. We also do not assign rides manually using blocks or rides.

4. Hence, our rides screen are always clean with "no unit assigned". As mentioned in Para 1, the Rides are assigned programatically from our server to the Nimbus API.

Problem Caused By Situation 1

1. When a unit is assigned via Nimbus API, Nimbus will assume the unit as a replacement to the previously assigned unit. Thus Nimbus will set 'result'  as "PART" in the report.

2. When the 'result' is set to 'PART', the ride is considered 'Not Fulfilled'.

3. Even though we had defined under User Setting>>Fulfillment of rides = 1%, the ride will still wrongly be reported as "Not Fulfilled". In actual scenario, our units have visited 100% of the stops.

4. However, Nimbus didn't correctly report the visited bus stops correctly because it will only consider a unit has visited a bus stop if the lat/long sent by the unit is indeed inside the bus stop. A bus stop is not considered 'VISITED" if the unit only passed through the bus stop. This logic causes inaccuracy in the report.

5. As of now, all our rides produced the following statuses in all reports:-
- Result : 100% Part
- Rides : 100% Not Fulfilled

Expected Solution to Situation 1

1. Nimbus shall not set the 'Result' as 'PART' in the report when the unit was assigned to a ride for the 1st time through NIMBUS API

2. Nimbus shall consider a bus stop has been visited by a unit when the unit passed through the bus stop or the unit was inside the bus stop

Evident for Situation 1

Please check the attached screenshot

Screenshot1 : Result = Part, All Rides Not Fulfilled
Screenshot2 : Bus Stops = Not Visited even though the unit already passed through the stops


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