Wialon IPS TCP Server

Topic: Wialon IPS TCP Server

Good evening, I am currently developing a software in .Net (c #) that will act as a TCP server to receive the information sent by a wialon repeater.

This repeater is sending me the messages with the Wialon IPS v1.1 protocol, but I have a problem handling the connections, at the moment as a test I only have 4 GPS included in the repeater, but my application is receiving more than 4 connections even though my data receiving mechanism is monitoring when a connection is no longer transferring data.

I would like to know if someone can support me by having an example of a TCP server receiving data from a WIALON repeater, my program is multi-threaded, that is I am opening a connection for each computer trying to connect to my TCP server, I don't know if that is correct or if I only need to open a single TCP connection, it would be helpful if someone can guide me through this process.