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in the new geofences report i have an issue in the setting

there is a sensor mask box, but there is no condition (with sensor on of off )
could you add it please


Geofences Report

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Hi hasan.ahmed,

In the report on Geofence or Group of Geofences you can get information on what units visited the geofence(s), how much time they have spent within it and the values of particular sensors like temperature sensor and consumed fuel by fuel sensors of these units. Thus, in the sensors masks field you can specify the sensors to use for defining the min/max/avg temperature, weight, consumed fuel.

There is no need to use the digital sensors here and all the functionality corresponding to them as long as this type of report does not mean to limit the intervals of time when unit was inside the geofence with the turned on digital sensor. To get this kind of information try to run the report on Unit or Unit Group with the table Geofence.

Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam

Geofences Report

Re: Geofences Report

i use geofences reports for speeding detection, parking and other things by selecting with sensor on and add sensors with some conditions in units

thats why i need to activate this option in reports.

in the other geofences reports this option is available, but my customer wanted to execute these  reports on geofence not on units