Passing "flag" parameter in Token/Login [python]

Topic: Passing "flag" parameter in Token/Login [python]

Dear community,

I have one customer that is using python wrapper for building a custom application
https://github.com/wialon/python-wialon … lon/api.py

He was asking to get the resource id, I by my side, always using Remote API and got the resource ID in login after passing a certain flag in token/login request.

Is this applicable in python? I couldn't find such parameter in the GitHub

Appreciate your help


Murtadha Fadhil
Integrated Solutions

Passing "flag" parameter in Token/Login [python]

Re: Passing "flag" parameter in Token/Login [python]

Hi Murtadha

You can pass the flag as an additional named argument of the token login method. In such way will work rest of methods. To specify requests parameters pass them with named arguments (kwargs).

+ Example of code
from wialon import Wialon
wialon = Wialon()
token = 'YOUR TOKEN'
result = wialon.token_login(token=token, flag=0x1)