Internal Keyless Locking System for trucks and trailers.

Topic: Internal Keyless Locking System for trucks and trailers.

The absence of a reliable internal vehicle locking device makes it easy to rob trucks-trailers in the parking lots and even on the move and provides an opportunity for smuggling the illegal stuff and people.
And this situation in no way will not convince the police, insurance company and border authorities that "all reasonable security measures" had been taken to protect cargo gates of trucks and trailers from the unauthorized access.
XMETRA presents field-proven, cost-effective, robust internal vehicle locking system, which can be controlled by the vehicle telematics system or by the help of a dedicated Bluetooth controller, will avoid many problems related to the people smuggling, the security of loads during transportation, parking, storage and decrease the rate of insurance.
Find details here: http://xmetra.com/vehicle-clocking-system/