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we are using nimbus for trains now and as you all know it it moves on a railway, not on streets.

i have about 30 geofences among the way and i ceated a route depending on these geofences, but the route that connect geofences was using roads to connect geofences.

can i modify the route that connect these geofences and make it on the railway?



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Hello, hasan.ahmed!

Currently it is possible only to create a route based on the street roads. For now i can suggest you to minimize the amount of point by clicking on them. Please take a look at the screenshots in this post.

Viktoria Chabai
NimBus Product Manager, Wialon
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Re: Route


I am facing the same issue but not on the railways but on the roads. (SCREENSHOT ATTACHED)
NimBus only creates the route using Gurtam Maps. If a route is not available in the Gurtam Maps, then NimBus will not follow that route. This problem can only be solved by giving an extra feature under Routes panel in NimBus which is "Import route from a file".

At this time, we can import stops using a 'KML' file. The same feature should be available for the ROUTES panel as well.

This feature will solve all the problems in creating custom routes without deleting or adding points on the existing route created by NimBus.