Feature Request: Sensor Groups

Topic: Feature Request: Sensor Groups

We would like the ability to group sensors under a unit, with the capability to collapse/expand these sensor groups.

Somewhat similar to some of the other items with their groupings, Units, Drivers, Geofences, etc.

Use Case:
We are working on the integration of a new sensor with GPS tracking hardware.
We can connect up to 16 physical sensors to a GPS tracker, and each of these physical sensors has 8 additional sensor/param capabilities, so that makes a total of 16*8 = 128 sensors that we can add per GPS tracker into

If we want to do a real-time view, we could go to Monitoring tab, and expand out the sensor values, however now we have 64 rows of sensors, so being able to group the sensors would be great.

We also have existing applications that could benefit as we have OBD trackers that have 20+ sensors, and being able to group them would help, e.g. sensors for fuel, sensors for mileage, sensors for ECU data, etc.

We have had several customers ask about this, however, we have not lost any business to this. We are developing a new product that will utilize these 128 sensors, however we would like a better view in Wialon to be able to view them.


Feature Request: Sensor Groups

Re: Feature Request: Sensor Groups

Hello fleettracker3,

thanks for your suggestion.

I have carefully read your request and it seems to me that it resembles a request we received earlier from another partner.
I will describe the idea and implementation options.

When monitoring transport, users often resort to visual tracking of sensor values. Now in the Extended unit information, as well as the Unit tooltip , all sensor values are given in one block. Because often many sensors are created for one unit, there are significant problems with visual tracking and their analysis. Therefore it would be convenient to divide sensors into groups. For example, a group of fuel sensors, custom sensors, etc. An example can be seen below:

We are considering 3 implementation options:

1) To form blocks, which may have a certain possible set of sensors. For example, we can divide all sensors into blocks that correspond to existing sensor groups: mileage, digital sensors, etc.. If necessary, some sensors can be put out in separate blocks.

But this option is most likely not very optimal, because for different types of transport may require a different set of sensors.

2) Fully customizable, i.e. creation of blocks and distribution of sensors on them is determined by the user. For example, we may leave the list in the current state and allow you to create blocks independently and "pull" sensors between blocks.

3) Mixed variant. Add blocks by default, but additionally enable you to move sensors between blocks and rename them.

Tell me, please, the essence of your query coincides with the idea I described above? If so, how do you evaluate the options I have proposed? If not, please give me more details.

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon

Feature Request: Sensor Groups

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Re: Feature Request: Sensor Groups

Thanks, yes, your option Number 2:
- 2) Fully customizable, i.e. creation of blocks and distribution of sensors on them is determined by the user. For example, we may leave the list in the current state and allow you to create blocks independently and "pull" sensors between blocks.

This is what we are looking for, however we would also like the sensor blocks to be collapsible/expandable with a (+ and - sign). So they could easily expand or collapse a whole group of sensors.


Feature Request: Sensor Groups

Re: Feature Request: Sensor Groups


thanks for the addition, I marked it.

As I wrote earlier, the request was included in the list of suggestions for product development, but unfortunately, so far, I can not orient you by the terms. Development is very labor-intensive and time-consuming and will require almost complete re-engineering of Extended unit information the Work list, so I can't say that we are ready to implement such a feature in the near future yet.
As soon as we have news on this request, I will be sure to inform you.

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Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon

Feature Request: Sensor Groups

Re: Feature Request: Sensor Groups

Hello, as we are working with can bus and those units have a lot of sensors, I think this separeting sensors would be very usefull.

Fernando Brochetto
Technical Support, Rastreasul


Feature Request: Sensor Groups

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Re: Feature Request: Sensor Groups

Dear All,

I would second the second option, haha. Joke aside I believe sensor groups would be a great idea, as it has been requested in the past, the more customizable, the better. Additionally perhaps there can be a way to hide or change access to certain groups too, let me describe what I mean by that.:

Having multiple groups currently would mean showing all data to each users or none of those, based on the visibility settings for "sensors". However, in some cases there is information in the sensor parameters that should only be visible to certain people within an organisation and definitely not everyone, while other data from the sensors are still required. So going beyond the display side of things, perhaps there could be a way to assign individual visibility right or access category for each group as well "just" the creation of groups/spacers, etc.

(Working example: An electromagnetic/pneumatic lock that is installed on trucks/lorries/etc. Alongside providing access with RFiD cards, this function can be remotely disabled in case something is transported with particularly high value. To account for - amongst other things - connection losses, a pseudo-random unlock code is being generated on the unit that would be transmitted through the tracker to Wialon, while only being visible to the managers, as with that number someone could just simply bypass the RFiD-fob based access to the secure loading area. In this particular example all the users have been using commands already so we can't just create a request command for certain users. Multi-level access to the sensor groups, however, would be a very elegant solution.)

What do you think?


Feature Request: Sensor Groups

Re: Feature Request: Sensor Groups

Hello gabor.pinter,

I think the second option is also the most user-friendly, but all three options have a right to exist smile
Your add-on is very interesting and useful. I agree that it would be correct, apart from the implementation of the division of sensors into groups, to provide an opportunity to somehow regulate their visibility for each user. Perhaps it will be right, as you suggest, or perhaps we can come up with some other option. I can't say anything for sure yet. We did not take the task into a detailed study and we are not planning it soon. But I will keep you informed.

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon

Feature Request: Sensor Groups

Re: Feature Request: Sensor Groups

Hello Gurtam

Clients are asking is it possible to group sensors.

Here you can see that we have over 200 sensors available thru teltonika FMB devices state flags.

https://wiki.teltonika-gps.com/view/FMB … tate_Flags

Our idea is to make different groups of sensors and the client can make them visible or not according to the need

If we put 200 sensors under 1 unit its confusing as hell, so our idea is fallowing

Group1 - all sensors related to engine (rpm, temp ect)

Group2 - all sensor-related with fuel (level, % ect)

Group3 - all sensors related to doors

Group4 - all sensors related to security (alarm, IMMO ect)

As the information can be hard to find if you have 200 sensors as one pile.