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We develope some custom applications based on WL time to time. Would you please help us in below cases:

1. Till now, we had our authentication on our applications but from now we are going to do the authentication via WL. Would you please tell us how we should do it? let me explain more. Let's consider that the user has logged in to WL, we want to give the user the ability to open our applications without extra authentication (as he/she is already authenticated by WL). Which parameters we can pass from WL to our application to find out if the
user who has requested the application is authenticated or not or has active SID in WL? After passing that parameter, how should our application check the passed parameter?

2. We mostly host our applications on another server and not on WL server. We want to put those applications on the same server which WL is. Please advise us how to host it on WL? We have copy all files to /home/application-name/ and do Nginx configurations, but what is important on our side is that to know:

A. PHP Version installed with each version of WL version on server.
B. As we install MySQL as DB, we should install that in a way that no conflict happens.


Custom Applications

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chdi, have you seen my post? Just mentioned you to speedup receiving answer ;-)


Custom Applications

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Hi Hamed!

1. To login into app from WL monitoring site (the same as for Gurtam apps) you can use request to duplicate current session or it's also possible to use authorization hash - first you need to create authorization hash, then login with it
You can pass the parameter like sid  (for example, if you use session duplication)  or some other ones (user name, language and etc ) depend on your task, parameters are optional
You can look also the open source code for example for this app https://github.com/wialon/wialon-app-actualizer

2. Regarding hosting app on WL server my colleagues will consult you soon.

Diana Cheley
Wialon Hosting Expert

Custom Applications

Re: Custom Applications

Hi Hamed,

PHP and MySQL are not used in Wialon Local.
That is why they are not included in Wialon Local distribution.

On the whole, we do not recommend to use other software on the same server where Wialon Local operates.
Though PHP and MySQL are not used in Wialon Local, they may require changing server settings and installing additional packets.
In addition to it, any additional applications will use server resources which may affect Wialon Local performance.
You need to take into consideration the aforementioned aspects when you decide to host your applications on Wialon Local server.