Mobile based App for driver to log business/private trips

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Topic: Mobile based App for driver to log business/private trips


We know that the Driving Logbook PC app is available via Wialon hosting. Not seen a mobile based app for this, is there one associated to this and maybe we haven't found it....?

Have a client that primarily needs to be able to have their drivers quickly select either Business or Travel trip mode from their mobile phones that reporting of tip mode can be extracted from Wialon monitoring for tax purposes. Tracking, reports etc are highly important but this requirement is a mandatory.

The way I understand it it that for drivers to achieve this via Gurtam Driver Krogerfeedback Logbook, they (drivers) would need to log in via a PC and open this PC app etc and make the appropriate changes to the logs..... Very impractical plus this would mean that business owners would need to set them up as a user also, all be it restricted....not an option.

Is anyone using a phone based app solution that connects with Wialon? Or maybe have suggestions?

This capability is mandatory for us to win this over our competitors who are able to provide this - we are the choice with the platform functionality but need this if we are to stand a chance of winning this business.

I had thought as an option (on the fly) that as the drivers work defined hours Mon-Fri to simply filter by using reports - 1 report for during these hours would be Business trip and, 2 all outside would be Private. Not very efficient as it assumes that this is correct and doesn't allow for alterations ongoing day-to-day.