Parking to Geofence

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Topic: Parking to Geofence

In the other app we use it have a shortcut for when you touch an address, it goes to the geofence create screen, directly to the place where the vehicle was parked. Could this function be added? Could be added direcly to the location where the vehicle is too for when you long press in the vehicles list?

Another thing our clients found strange was that the circle is too big. Are plans for the next updates to make possible it be smaller?

Fernando Brochetto
Technical Support, Rastreasul


Parking to Geofence

Re: Parking to Geofence

Hi, Fernando.
The issue with big circle appears on Android only, on iOS it should be ok. We will fix it soon on Android.

Also, I think we will add the ability to create geofence with long tap on the map