Error 7 - execute report

Topic: Error 7 - execute report

I am trying to execute report based on manual/examples here  https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/local/remoteapi1904/codesamples/reports

But it ends up with {"error":7} everytime.

The code is as follow

$params = array(
            "reportResourceId" => 163266,
            "reportTemplateId" => 10,
            "reportObjectId" => 34868,
            "reportObjectSecId" => 0,
            "interval" => array(
                "from" => 1499148000,
                "to" => 1499148000,
                "flags" => 0

echo '<br>';
echo '<br>';

echo $wialon_api->report_exec_report(json_encode($params));

Can you advise me what is wrong on the demo portal, why I am not able to execute it? I have read all the manuals and I tried search the topics, still clueless though.



Error 7 - execute report

Re: Error 7 - execute report


please check reportResourceId, value = 163266 doesn't seems correct
also check reportObjectId - unit itemID
Then check access rigths to execute reports
Also you need to specify time interval - not only one time (the same value for 'from' , 'to')

Diana Cheley
Wialon Hosting Expert