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Topic: RPM Green Zone

Hello, I have a suggestion for who uses RPM data inside Wialon: Create two fields inside unit properties of the low and high limits of RPM for the platform to calculate the intervals of which the vehicle has been with low, regular and high RPM.

The high RPM duration is directly proportional of the fuel spent, so it's a great metric for fuel monitoring.

I know that these intervals can be obtain by sensors, but would be easier for clients to get these values and edit them.

With these fields, could also be added columns in reports like:
High rpm fuel consumed;
High rpm fuel consumed with movement
High rpm fuel consumed without movement.

Best regards,

Fernando Brochetto
Technical Support, Rastreasul


RPM Green Zone

Re: RPM Green Zone

Hi Fernando, Fernando Brochetto.

Generally, the idea is clear.

At the moment I would say that the complexity of implementation and a huge number of changes that we will need to make cannot be compared to the real value of this feature.

Tachometer that sends the data on RPM is not a unique device, I am pretty sure that it is installed on 99% of all vehicles. And till now we have not received any single request for the functionality that you talk about.

When I talk about significant changes I mean the following:

- another couple of checkboxes in the unit settings;
- information in reports on what were the intervals when there were low/regular/high RPM (not just duration as with duration it will be impossible to provide any data on fuel consumed within high RPM periods) and it is hard to say what report will it fit in.
- information in reports on how much fuel was spent within the intervals of high RPM;

With the stated above, I should say that as of now the addition of such functionality does not seem to be reasonable.

Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam

RPM Green Zone

Re: RPM Green Zone

Hello mars,
Alright, for now we are getting these values in the reports of Eco Driving, it's the best and easiest way we found to get the durations of high and low RPM properly.
But if someday you find a way of implementing it, please let me know. As we were using these metrics before, we really believe they have a great value for reducing the fuel consumption.

Fernando Brochetto
Technical Support, Rastreasul