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Topic: Ecodriving

tata wrote:
It looks too heavy for track panel.
I'll propose you another option to get such information in a fast way.
Make an essay typing report template included the Trips table and the option "Trip routes". Select this template in the "Quick report setting" and choose an interval.
Then client will press just one button and get all  the information about trips.


Is it possible for a client to see the driver behavior analytics and eco driving quality reports synced with all Wialon apps? Can Trip routes information be copied there too? Thanks.



Re: Ecodriving

Hello, please explain what do you mean by syncing with all Wialon apps? For example, with Fleetrun or Actualizer.
Trip routes related to Eco Driving are available in the appropriate app http://apps.wialon.com/#ecodriving

Please note that we have a special webinar about Eco Driving https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhOseI8ri-0
For additional technical questions, please write to support@gurtam.com