SDK freelancer needed

Topic: SDK freelancer needed


i am looking for a developer can develop a Fleet Dashboard with unit information and update live every minute, it is similar to Wialon Dashboad apps, but i need more data for every vehicle.
Example the dashboard with data below:
GPS status, vehicle status, last data update time, Plate number, address, current idling time, current speed, accumulate mileage, mileage of the day, fuel level, temperature, first start ignition time for the day. and some parameter for the vehicle.

any developer can do on this?

thank you


SDK freelancer needed

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Re: SDK freelancer needed

HI, my sathasivam from India. I am working on the Wialon custom application development for  almost 4 years, we have done custom reports, mobile and web application based on the customer requirements,
you can check my profile here: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01b19d575160d58b0b
Mail: sathartpp@gmail.com