Numbers alignment in reports

Topic: Numbers alignment in reports


Please check enclosed screenshots. 1st one it related to Wialon (captured from web browser) and second one is related to PDF exported from Wialon, If you check both you will find that numbers (mileage in this case) in web version are aligned to left and in PDF to right (it doesn't matter which language you are using, a RTL language or LTR). What we expect is what you have in PDF as it's more readable when you are working with big numbers. Would you please check and change it in Wialon web version to what you have in PDF export for all such numbers in reports?


Numbers alignment in reports

Re: Numbers alignment in reports

Hello, hhamedk!
I noted your request in backlog with low priority, because it doesn't have a real impact on the work with reports.
We can do it in the future.

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon