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  I need help for API sharing as per the documentation  I created API for our customer he need store the date in his serve.


Its working fine I checked it by putting it into browser.

Now how would my customer will find out Lat, Long and time from it

Please help me to short it out so that we can share the data with customer

Thanks and Regard,

Rajeev Kumar


API sharing

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If you need just latest lat/lon of some unit, you can use core/search_item with id of this unit and flags = 0x1 | 0x400000 = 4194305.

If you need multiple units or don't know their ids, use core/search_items. Example.

For real-time position monitoring, there is core/update_data_flag and /avl_evts. Examples.


API sharing

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Re: API sharing

Dear Rual,

Thanks for your kind help

Can you please help me to provide what IP format I have to set like this way.

https://hst-api.wialon.com/wialon/ajax.html?svc=report/exec_report&params={"reportResourceId":ENTER RESOURCE ID HERE,"reportTemplateId":ENTER REPORT TEMPLATE ID HERE,"reportTemplate":null,"reportObjectId":ENTER UNIT ID HERE,"reportObjectSecId":0,"interval":{"flags":16777216,"from":1561098120,"to":1561184579}}&sid=ENTER SID HERE

This is the API link Which I generated.


I need to share the the API to customer so he can get the real time monitoring of all 62 vehicles 

I will be very tankful for this kind help.

Thanks Regards

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API sharing

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Ok thanks, We will take care of it next time please.


API sharing

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Can you help Me for this


API sharing

Re: API sharing

Can you please help me in it.