Params for exec_report

Topic: Params for exec_report

Hey I know this is probably another dumb question, but I can't figure out what params I have wrong here for report/exec_report.


This is the response I'm getting:

    "error": 4,
    "reason": "VALIDATE_PARAMS_ERROR: {reportResourceId: long, reportTemplateId: long, reportObjectId: long, reportObjectSecId: long, interval: {from: uint, to: uint, flags: uint}}"

I didn't know what to put for the reportResourceId so I just put the id of the account that came back in the items array from core/search_items with these params:


The reportObjectId is the id of the group I want to run the report on.

If you guys see what I'm missing I'd really appreciate it.


Params for exec_report

Re: Params for exec_report

Try removing spec parameter and move its properties to the root:

  "reportResourceId": 18891388,
  "reportTemplateId": 10,
  "reportObjectId": 14532029,
  "reportObjectSecId": 0,
  "interval": {
    "from": 1568606400,
    "to": 1568653199,
    "flags": 0

VALIDATE_PARAMS_ERROR is a pretty easy fixable, it says which fields should be present in the params.