Update zone data using js sdk

Topic: Update zone data using js sdk

Hello Dears,
i want to update zones details,
i am using js sdk, but i can't find anything about [updateZone,editZone,updateGeo,editGeo,...] functions
i have searched in js sdk docs but also i couldn't find anything

so kindly can anyone guide me?



Update zone data using js sdk

Re: Update zone data using js sdk

Those methods are created dynamically and not documented. See second spoiler of https://forum.gurtam.com/viewtopic.php? … 13#p161813

You need to get resource object with zones loaded (via updateDataFlags or searchItem(s)), get needed geofence object by getZone (or getZonesData([id], callback), if you need some additional data like points), modify it and call updateZone(zoneData, callback).

For such methods you can read Remote API docs — resource/get_zone_data, resource/update_zone.

Almost all JavaScript SDK methods are mapped 1-to-1 with Remote API, except addition of item ids from objects on which you call methods (and callMode for update_* API methods).