Freight exchange server software

Topic: Freight exchange server software


I’m currently tracking on Gurtam Wialon a fleet of a few hundred buses and heavy trucks used to  transport various goods for local industries in West Africa.

To respond to a repeated demand to optimize their travels I decided to launch a virtual freight exchange system.

The bilingual server software in French and English will group following modules:
- freight exchange
- vehicle offers
- transport exchange
- warehouse offers
- tracking on Wialon

Is there on the market ready-to-use products?
Should it be developed and with whom?

Thank you for a quick return.


Freight exchange server software

Re: Freight exchange server software

We got access the cargo tracking system from TimoCom. Wialon-TimoCom cooperation team helped me do my assignment and create a custom European freight exchange system on the basis of the existing one.

Howen Technologies expert