New NimBus feature: report on route group rides

Topic: New NimBus feature: report on route group rides

Dear partners!

Yesterday our latest update NimBus v. 1.7.0 came out, and we hope you will like our new functionality.

Now let's go through the new type of report more carefully to get how it works.
First of all you need to create one or several route groups in the Administration tab, if you don't have them yet:
I want to remind you that the Route Groups tab is not available to top-level users, since they do not have a depot and, as a consequence, there is no access to routes.
Also keep in mind that the new type of reports is available only for the users with administrator rights for the selected depot.
Then choose the report type Route group rides in the Reports section:
Once you've chosen the route group and the interval (today is default), you can execute the report. List of the routes and summary data will be displayed on the screen:
You will see the folowing data:
- Units: the number of units that performed rides of this route. Click on the row with a route to get all the units' names and all the data split by units;
- Planned: the number of planned rides, e.g. all fulfilled and not fulfilled rides together with no-show rides;
- Fulfilled: the number of rides with result Fulfilled, according to the system settings;
- Not fulfilled: the number of rides with result Not fulfilled, according to the system settings; it also includes no-show rides;
- Off schedule: the number of rides behind or ahead of schedule, only for the fulfilled rides;
- On schedule - the number of rides performed with minor deviations from the schedule (according to the user's settings), only for the fulfilled rides.

Export to an XLSX format is also available for the new type of reports.

Viktoria Chabai
NimBus Product Manager, Wialon
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