Flags incorrect in docs?

Topic: Flags incorrect in docs?

I'm looking here: https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … properties

This is my request:

$params = json_encode(array(
            "spec" => array(
                "itemsType" => "avl_unit",
                "propName" => "sys_id",
                "propValueMask" => "*",
                "sortType" => "sys_id"
            "force" => 1,
            "flags" => 257,
            "from" => 0,
            "to" => 0

        $svc = "core/search_items";

I'm getting back nm, cls, id, mu, act, dactt, and uacl. I think act and dactt are the 2 that come from the 256 flag which is the one I wanted to use to get the hardware type.

Am I doing something wrong or are the docs wrong?


Flags incorrect in docs?

Re: Flags incorrect in docs?

if you don't receive data of HW type, unique ID and etc Advanced properties, please check the flags for token under which your login.
The default token flag is 0x100, only for online tracking and don't get Advanced properties. To get it you need to use token with flag no less then  0x1000(4096) or full access - please look here
Also please check that users has access right to view (edit) connectivity settings

Diana Cheley
Wialon Hosting Expert

Flags incorrect in docs?

Re: Flags incorrect in docs?

Oh yea that's probably the problem. Thanks.