Journey(route) Passengers

Topic: Journey(route) Passengers

Hello Team,

I am using following APIs for create journey(route) :
create_route : https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … eate_route
update_checkpoints : https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … heckpoints
create_round : https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … date_round

Now, please see attached screenshot.

As per screenshot, We have passenger names in that journey.

So, Is there any way to bind or assing anything for passengers in that journey ? or it is not available in wialon.

Please specify with a detailed description.


Journey(route) Passengers

Re: Journey(route) Passengers


as you describe you use request which related to Route module, there is doesn't use passenger in this module

But Passengers which you can create in Wiaon can be assigned to unit (device) by some user. Then you can get information about passengers which passengers assigned to which units -  request search item (recourse) with flag = 2097152 (tags (passengers)
After add passengers to corresponding journey, for example to journey which unit is going and view for example on menu (as on your screenshot) "Name of Passengers"  .Please note this last part should be implemented on your side (in your app), from Wialon you can only get information.

Diana Cheley
Wialon Hosting Expert