help to develop with wialon

Topic: help to develop with wialon

hello everybody,

i'm an IT engineer and i'm a beginner with wialon system, I already try to use the Remote API (for example, I can't find how can i get some ID like item ID) and i found a difficulty to use it, so i need your help and i have some questions:

1- which are the best practice to develop our specific module ?

2- which technology is recommended for development (Note that i want to use spring boot + angular 4+)

3- if it's possible to use both Spring Boot + Angular 4, how can i use it ? (so if any body can help me by some video, tutorial or example)

4- else if we can't use both of them and we can use only one of them, please send me a doc which can help

Thanks in advance for your response.


help to develop with wialon

Re: help to develop with wialon

Hello Iheb

REST API's are language or platform agnostic. Just find out how to make REST calls to an external API in your language of choice, that is, ability to make GET, POST, PUT and DELETE calls.