Problem with Export/Import Sensors

Topic: Problem with Export/Import Sensors

Hi Everyone

We made a mistake by exporting a sensor in GV300 named "Battery" but we put "Replace" instead of "Add" when we "import" it. The problem is that it erased all the other sensors that were created (Most of them has Canbus sensor configuration), and hourmeter count so we wanted to know how to take back this problem and have it like it was yesterday.

Is there a way to take this problem back?

Please your help.


Problem with Export/Import Sensors

Re: Problem with Export/Import Sensors

Dear Alan,

We have already answered this question in the appropriate ticket:

In the Wialon system, it is possible to restore unit properties. Restoring properties can be useful if you accidentally edited or deleted some data contained in the unit's properties dialog on any of its tabs. The properties of the unit saved in the last 30 days are available.
To restore the properties of a unit, you must have the rights to all the properties of the dialog (regardless of which ones are to be restored), as well as the rights to delete the item and perform actions with the files.
The current configuration of the properties of the unit is stored on a separate server once a day. To return to any saved configuration, click on the corresponding button in the lower left part of the dialog. As a result, a calendar with the orange-marked dates for which there is a saved configuration will open. After selecting the date, the dialog of importing from the WLP file opens, where you can specify the properties that are to be restored: https://docs.wialon.com/en/hosting/cms/ … rt_to_file