Make Sensor IDs the same for all devices

Topic: Make Sensor IDs the same for all devices

Hi, how can we export all sensors names and values for a group of devices (looping through/batch for individual units) based on the last message for a device:

I was planning on using this:
https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … st_message

And then parsing out the sensors based on ID. However the sensor IDs per sensor do not match on each device:
Ignition Sensor may be Sensor ID 1, on one device, but Sensor ID 7 on another device.

I also tried replacing the sensors on the device by Import from WLP > Replace sensors, however it re-assigned alternate ID's as well.

What is the best way to do this?

Is there an API call to export the sensors names/ids/values all at one? or to export the unit sensor properties/names in one command and then the values in another command?


Make Sensor IDs the same for all devices

Re: Make Sensor IDs the same for all devices


i think so this is not possible because wialon  storage is non-relationlal the mencioned id really is the position of an array of sensor in this case, you can see this functionallity with geogences, drivers, passengers, etc  all ids has been "recycled " for this reason if you need this you can create allways the sensor in the same order, but I is a bit complicate on your case perfectly you can use the same name to a sensor and serach this name and use the respective id.

Best regards.