Wialon App for cargo trip report (with weight data)

Topic: Wialon App for cargo trip report (with weight data)

Since our company is a developer of onboard weighing

we were forced to create a Wialon application that can use cargo weight data in right way.

Main reason for this app  -  example of cargo weight data (attached, green plot - cargo weight in tons, other plots - axle loads).
It is a worst case - dump truck with leaf spring suspension. But with smart data processing we can receive good results.

Wialon trip reports use only one point of sensor data at the beginning/end of the trip. We need to average data cargo weight during all trip.

So, based on this idea we create this app which perform these functions:

1. Read all sensors data from Wialon for desired period of time.
2. Load/Unload events recognition , detect start and end of the cargo trip.
3. Calculate average cargo weight value (and some other smart processing too).
4. Create the web report and excel report. Web report is interactive, places of load/unload events are clickable and shows the event position on the map.

Screen of Wialon App with results is attached.

Ask any questions :)

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