Heavy-duty machinery telematics. Technoton Dealer program 2018.

Topic: Heavy-duty machinery telematics. Technoton Dealer program 2018.

Technoton introduces solution for heavy-duty machinery telematics:

  • Construction equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Locomotive and railway equipment
  • Mining & quarrying machines
  • Dredging machines, river boats and smaller sea vessels

Specifics of heavy-duty machinery – telematics system should gather data from a wide set of sensors, readers and other onboard devices to monitor operation of various units and components of these machines. Using a wide set of onboard equipment complicates composition of telematics system, takes more time for installation and configuration, requires deeper compatibility of telematics system elements. 


Technoton offers advanced vehicle telematics solution, which is using onboard telematics equipment based on S6 Technology.
S6 Technology is designed for creating a single network of onboard devices and provides advantages of:

  • 100% compatibility of all devices within the network;
  • common data transfer protocol – all devices within the network “understand” each other, data loss/destruction is excluded;
  • standardized cabling system – power supply, configuration and parameter transfer are carried out through via one cable (bus) to a single port of data gateway or tracking unit;
  • building wide network of: 8x flow meters, 8x fuel level sensors, 6x CANbus and J1708 bus data interpreters, 2x digital-to-analog converters for transforming data from analog sensors, 2x displays, contactless data reader, diagnostics gateway and telematics gateway (tracking unit) for data gathering and sending Reports on machinery operation.

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What can Dealers expect from Technoton?
1.    Wide telematics product (hardware) portfolio.
2.    Full compatibility of all devices within S6 network.
3.    Marketing and advertisement support.
4.    Technical and sales training of Dealer’s team.
5.    Forwarding local leads.


Advanced machinery telematics. www.jv-technoton.com www.mastercan.com
Телематика сложных машин. www.technoton.by