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Topic: Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Subgroups

Hi There,

Another feature request based upon previous posts for messaging enhancements.

Clients would like to be able to create subgroups for messaging within the Logistics application chat section (web dispatchers).

The first issue is that there is no easy way to broadcast a message to a group of drivers (or all drivers for that matter). This would be very useful to be able to send a mass message to all drivers for an important announcement for example, or to quickly send important information to all drivers efficiently.

Secondly, many clients with a larger number of drivers have multiple dispatchers in the office. Each dispatcher is typically assigned a group of trucks/drivers that they will manage for that shift/day (ex. client has 300 drivers, the company has 10 dispatchers and each dispatcher will be assigned 30 drivers to manage/communicate with). It is difficult to manage your drivers and have 300 driver names in your chat list.

The ability to create a subgroup would solve this. Similar to group in the main Wialon platform, clients would like to be able to create a group (as many groups as required) and assigned as many drivers as they need to that group (could be 4 drivers, could be 80) and either message specific drivers in that group, or send a message to every driver in that group.

An expand/collapse option would also be good (again similar to how the group view is in the main Wialon platform) so dispatchers can see other groups, but can collapse groups they are not working with today.



Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Subgroups

Re: Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Subgroups

Hello, Mike.

As far as I understand we are talking about driver groups and adding them into the app. Your scenario is not possible within the Hosting - there are no separate ACL on the driver groups - if a user has access, he will have them.

Also support of driver groups was not requested earlier for Logistics app - so far this is a first request.

Dear partners, if anyone else encountered such troubles (a user needed driver groups in the chat) - please, share your experience.


Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Subgroups

Re: Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Subgroups

Hi Serd,

I'm not sure how you would want to achieve this but quite simply it is the ability to create sub-groupings within Chat.

Driver groups in hosting (as you suggested) can be one possible way, but I'm not suggesting this be used. Whether it is using existing driver groups to achieve this, or adding functionality specifically in Chat to group up drivers that is up to you, depending on what is the simplest and cleanest way to accomplish this.



Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Subgroups

Re: Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Subgroups

Thanks, Michael - let's wait for more feedbacks here.