Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Message Search Functionality

Topic: Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Message Search Functionality

Hi There,

Clients that have been using the chat function with Logistics Mobile (web dispatcher) and are frustrated that they cannot easily search for messages that they have sent/received.

Currently if they want to find a keyword in a message that was sent earlier in the day, yesterday, etc. the only way they achieve this is by going to each driver one by one and searching through the messages using Ctrl+F which is cumbersome.

WiaChat does have a search function for example, but you can only either search for a driver name, or search the contents of a specific selected driver's message history.

The problem becomes much worse when you have 50, 100, 200 drivers. Many times a dispatcher, or their manager, wants to know if a certain driver was sent the required info, or they may want to know which driver did they send a specific message to, this happens quite often. A universal search feature that searched all chat content with all drivers would solve this problem.

This would be a highly convenient function that many dispatchers and transportation companies would appreciate.

Currently many clients are using third part apps instead of chat within Wialon's systems as we currently lack many of these efficient features that other chat applications (whether standalone or within another platform) offer.

Currently affects 300-400 assets (part of the same request as per other messaging topic that as posted up for the same group of clients).



Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Message Search Functionality

Re: Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Message Search Functionality

Hello, Mike.

Thanks for a proposal but it is not very clear - you are appealing to the search within Logistics (web-app), WiaChat (web-app), or both of them, or mobile apps?

And also per my experience (I'm using 7 different chat apps on my phone) - this option is available only within Slack and only for the web-app (or a desktop version)

Can you, please, clarify you request?


Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Message Search Functionality

Re: Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Message Search Functionality

Hi Serd,

As per the title this is specifically for the Logistics web app.

I offered WiaChat as an example to demonstrate what I mean by search (in case that was not clear).

I want to clarify that I've submitted 3 topics regarding messaging enhancements, they should all be done within the same app. I submitted all for the Logistics web app as I believe it is the most likely one to get the enhancements of the two. However, if it is easier to implement these changes within WiaChat web app instead of Logistics web app then that is fine too.
So long as they are done within the same web app (as it would be nonsensical to have 1 feature in 1 chat app, and another in a second chat app, I'm sure it's clear that clients will not be using 2 chat apps, 1 for each specific feature).