Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Better Message Notifications

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Topic: Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Better Message Notifications

Hi There,

This is regarding the Web Dispatcher interface with the Logistics app messaging.

As per our clients, when a new message is received there is no clear way to notify the web dispatcher. Currently, when a new message is received (or is unread) the only indication is a very subtle orange circle that is placed next to the Chat button, and next to the driver name when you go into the Chat section of the app. This is good as a visual indicator but lacks in terms of a good notification, as dispatchers need to constantly check the chat section back and forth for new messages.

Often times it is hard to notice, especially in the case of clients that have many drivers (50, 100, 150, etc.) as they need to scroll up and down to see if a message came in or not, and have otherwise no other notification to let them know to look, so they have to periodically check to see if a message came in.

Dispatchers don't spend the majority of their time focusing on the chat portion of the Logistics app, they are either creating an order, or more often primarily focusing on the main Wialon platform to track vehicles. Dispatchers tend to have multiple systems open (Wialon being one) so they need to manage their desktop space accordingly and focus on important screens (but still need to be notified when messages come in).

Also useful to understand that dispatchers work in a hectic environment (namely in the transportation/logistics industry) so the easier it is to identify new messages the more it helps drive efficiency in their job.

The proposed idea is to have a sort of pop-up notification with a sound file that can flag an incoming message. There is currently an option to set notification for various events within the Logistics web interface but none for messages (incoming or unread).

Customers have also proposed possibly having a new Notification type within the main Wialon platform (in addition to having one within the Logistics application) for incoming messages, which can also address the issue. This would very very useful for multiple industries.

This affects a current 300-400 units that require this functionality, and future new business.



Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Better Message Notifications

Re: Logistics Mobile Enhancements - Better Message Notifications

hello, Mike.

Thanks for a proposal - frankly speaking, a new notification on this event would be a nice Idea. Together with the web-browser notification (in the title of the web-page). I've added your proposal to the ones regarding the chat. Will try to keep you posted on this.

Since your proposal also touches main platform - you'll have to wait till the answer appears here from analysts of Hosting.

BTW - to make it easier for dispatchers to chat right now - try WiaChat for those purposes as Logistics and WiaChat use the same method for conversations with the drivers.