Several methods of fuel monitoring from Mechatronics (and tools)

Topic: Several methods of fuel monitoring from Mechatronics (and tools)

Dear colleagues.

We all know that remote fuel consumption monitoring can be performed by CAN bus reading or with a help of special sensors.
There are many suppliers, and many of them you can found in the Gurtam hardware catalog. And, of course, most suppliers claim itself as “world leader”.
We will not participate in this marketing competition. We simply state, that every object has one optimal solution for remote fuel consumption monitoring. And we develop and manufacture  three totally different types of fuel sensors :
•    Capacitive fuel level sensor (capacitive probe)
•    Ultrasonic fuel level sensor
•    Fuel flow meter
With this list and  CAN bus option in mind, you can cover every object with suitable solution.

In more details, about Pro- and Cons of each method of measurement you can read there http://mechatronics.by/?wpdmact=process … hvdGxpbms=

Briefly about products:

Eurosens Dominator – capacitive fuel level sensor with wide range of interfaces : voltage, frequency, RS232/RS485/K-Line/CAN J1939. Modbus also supported.

Main features – modular design and easy maintenance during long operation life. Rigid automotive design. Also modular design provide easy (and cheap) sensor extention up to 4-6 meters height if needed.

Eurosens Dizzi – non-invasive ultrasonic liquid level sensor. Can measure liquid gas and aggressive liquids with level height up to 10 meters. Good solution for fuel tankers. Interface RS485  and Modbus support (analog and frequency as second option).


Eurosens Direct and Delta – fuel flow meters with improved precision, thermocorrection and magnetic protection.


Pulse, RS232/RS485, CAN bus interfaces, Modbus support. As usual, easy maintenance because can be easily disassembled. Unlike fuel level sensors can measure real time fuel consumption of diesel fuel.

Please, do not hesitate to ask questions there.

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