Crane trucks idling

Topic: Crane trucks idling

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we do have some clients with crane-trucks. But the problem is that if the truck is stationary and engine is on it will count as idling event, although the hydraulic pump is engaged. we do get digital sensor status of the pump (pump on or off) is there some way to do a logical "AND" with the digital sensor so it will not count as idling?

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Crane trucks idling

Re: Crane trucks idling

Hi axpdreamer!
Please specify where do you need to get information about idling status ? Reports, online notifications, pop-up  etc.
For example, if you use report Engine Hours  you can create Engine efficiency sensor for unit with parameter of status hydraylic pump (on/off)  and chek the following information in the report :

Engine efficiency duration: the duration of attached implements operation (if having engine efficiency sensor).
Engine efficiency idling: engine operation time after deduction of efficiency time (total engine hours subtract engine efficiency duration).
Utilization: percentage ratio of engine hours duration to engine hours rate (engine hours divided by daily engine hours rate indicated in unit properties).
Useful utilization: percentage ratio of engine efficiency duration to engine hours rate.
Productivity: percentage ratio of engine efficiency duration to engine hours duration.

Diana Cheley
Wialon Hosting Expert