NEW PRODUCT: DFM Marine fuel flow meter up to 4000 L/h.

Topic: NEW PRODUCT: DFM Marine fuel flow meter up to 4000 L/h.

Fuel consumption measurement up to 4000 L/h. DFM Marine – new flow meters by Technoton.

Technoton introduces new product line of fuel flow meters – DFM Marine, for measurement up to 4,000 L/h. DFM Marine fuel flow meter is designed for monitoring of real fuel consumption and working time of river and sea vessels, mining machinery, diesel gensets and other high-power machinery. New product line adopted the best features of smaller DFM fuel flow meters, but also became more precise and embodied advanced developments of Technoton.

Fuel consumption measurement range:

  • 20-1000 L/h – DFM Marine 1000;
  • 40-2000 L/h – DFM Marine 2000;
  • 80-4000 L/h – DFM Marine 4000;

Measurement error – not more than 0.5%. Types of connection to fuel line - thread or flange. Measurement chamber of DFM Marine is made of corrosion-proof metal – brass. Body and thread/flange is made of either brass or duralumin.

Types of DFM Marine signal:

  • Digital CAN/S6 interface (+ electronic display)
  • Pulse output (+ electronic display)
  • Autonomous with embedded multifunctional display

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Product page: https://www.jv-technoton.com/dfm_marine_fuel_flow_meter
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