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SetBox — Independent Device Manager with Bulk Configuration Support

We’ve just made device configuration even more convenient:

  • Run SetBox as a separate app from anywhere
  • Configure multiple devices at a time in a few mouse clicks
  • Set up trackers via SMS
  • Embed configurator in your solutions
  • Grant temporary access to a subset of devices

Learn more at the link:

https://flespi.com/blog/setbox-independ … on-support



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Customer Care Evolution: Now One Step Closer with the Telegram bot

When a customer wants to contact us with a question, we want them to do it naturally - in a way most convenient to them and most appropriate for the situation they are in.

We already welcome queries via email and HelpBox live chat.

Now you can communicate with us directly from the Telegram messenger.

Just tie your flespi token to the flespi Telegram bot.

With instant notifications, you will never miss a single message and with seamless integration, you will chat with the flespi team as if with a native Telegram contact.

Learn more in the blog post:

https://flespi.com/blog/customer-care-e … legram-bot



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February 2019 change log

As the snow starts to melt, features start to pop up here and there...

- SetBox to configure trackers (even in bulk)
- HelpBox bot to chat with the flespi support from Telegram
- extended storage limits for Commerical users
- regular storage snapshots to backup and restore data in case of emergency
- flespi performance benchmark to quantify how cool flespi is
- new features in MQTT broker
- 99.971% uptime

Check the details in the blog post.




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Flespi Technologies — the Power of the Hidden Gems

Flespi is a stronghold for the brave and daring.

But once you conquer it, the efforts pay off fast and manyfold.

Why? Because flespi fosters innovations that bring a qualitatively new experience.

Learn about some of the technologies born in the flespi kingdom and see how they can add value to your products.

https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-technolo … idden-gems



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Sticky Shared Subscriptions — Smarter Load Balancing with Flespi MQTT Broker

Not always “random” is the best way to distribute the load.

Should you decide to have a say in how publishers are assigned to subscribers, try the new feature of flespi MQTT broker - *sticky shared subscriptions*.

Note that this feature is not included in the MQTT standard and is our own initiative to make it better.

https://flespi.com/blog/sticky-shared-s … qtt-broker



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Snapshots — backup for your flespi data, calmness for you

You trust us processing and storing your data.

It’s a great responsibility for us and a piece of mind for you.

To ensure both of us are happy with such a state of affairs, we introduced snapshots.

We use them to generate and apply automatically to restore data in our storage system.

You can use them to download the telemetry data that arrived at the flespi platform in the last ten days and operate locally at your discretion.

Learn more about snapshots in our blog post:

https://flespi.com/blog/snapshots-backu … ss-for-you



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How MQTT can help tailor messages for your telematics projects

How often do you want to invent your own protocol to get only the data you need, skip the unwanted stuff, and have everything in the specific format?

Well, we can’t do miracles but we can offer a workaround for you.

Craft messages the way you want and feed them in a custom format into your solutions.

Learn the details inside:

https://flespi.com/blog/how-mqtt-can-he … s-projects



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March 2019 change log

- alpha version of the Analytics system unveiled
- terms of use for Free users changed
- extended ACLs
- snapshots for backup
- new protocols integrations
- new MQTT-based tool for dashboard visualization
- and a 100% uptime!

Learn more in the latest changelog:




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flespi analytics engine — intervals, math, and custom logic

Delegate routine stuff and turn on your highway to location-based apps development.

Detect trips and idling.

Calculate mileage, speed, engine hours, etc.

Check geofence entries and exits.

Add custom logic to make the data speak.

Focus on business value and create location-based apps faster.

Dive deeper:

https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-analytic … stom-logic



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MQTT Tiles: shareable and flexible IoT dashboards

A lot of IoT and telematics projects are relying on the MQTT protocol for data transport.

We are offering a neat tool to visualize data from MQTT topics — MQTT Tiles.

With Tiles you get:

- Versatile widgets
- Shareable dashboards
- MQTT 5.0 support
- and more

Check the details and screenshots in the blog post:

https://flespi.com/blog/mqtt-tiles-shar … dashboards



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Undercover agents or how we keep an eye on data parsing errors

Protocols parsing done exactly right is a challenge:

- Firmware versions differ
- Protocol specifications for various device types deviate
- Devices irregularities happen
- Broken packages arrive, etc.

It’s a true art to be able to sift through hundreds of parsing errors, pick the ones to act upon, and ignore the rest.

And this art is automated using flespi technologies.

Don’t be surprised if you see errors disappear literally in front of your eyes.

It’s magic with a pinch of hard work.

Learn more what sits behind the scenes of this magic:

https://flespi.com/blog/undercover-agen … ing-errors



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ReadyMixTracking & flespi: a perfect mix for concrete mixers

How much do you know about flespi customers and their successes?

Probably less than about unicorns.

It’s just because they are secretive and self-sufficient (you know these techie guys).

Today we’ll tell about the team from Brazil developing a project for monitoring of concrete mixers, how they came across flespi halfway through the project, and what happened afterwards.

Read the whole story:

https://flespi.com/blog/readymixtrackin … ete-mixers



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April 2019 change log

The prosperous season is flespi:

- 99.925% uptime (and why we had to go through this)
- new data centers
- automated Analytics engine
- MQTT Tiles visualization tool
- proactive monitoring of parsing errors
- new protocols integrations
- opportunities to talk about flespi in person

Learn the details in the post:




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Configuring Topflytech trackers with flespi

The new version of Topflytech firmware for 3G devices is the result of the close partnership between the Topflytech and flespi engineering teams.

The joint effort led to the implementation of a convenient device configurator for 3G Topflytech trackers.

Now you can change Topflytech device settings related to connectivity, tracking, alarms, and more from the interface of the flespi panel (or via API).

Find the details and screenshots in the article:

https://flespi.com/blog/configuring-top … ith-flespi



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Beyond MQTT 5.0: extras we added on top of the standard

Even though released more than a year ago, MQTT 5.0 is still an attraction primarily for geeks and early adopters.

Flespi is not waiting for it to become mainstream and goes further - we create own fully MQTT 5.0 compliant broker and then add even more features.

For us, the standard is not a limitation but rather a basis upon which we build a functional communication tool capable of solving specific tasks. It’s a practical application that drives the development, not the theoretical specification.

Learn the details in the article and see if it applies to your needs:

https://flespi.com/blog/beyond-mqtt-50- … e-standard



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Get data in your platform via flespi HTTP stream

It’s easy to put the right URI into the stream configuration to force the data flow into your platform.

And what’s on the receiving side? No rocket science either - we’ve prepared the scripts in different programming languages to handle the incoming HTTP requests from the flespi platform.

Just deploy and fine-tune one on your server to get the hold of all the necessary data and start managing it.

https://flespi.com/blog/get-data-in-you … ttp-stream



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Building a GPS monitoring solution with flespi

GPS tracking gives countless opportunities to solve people’s problems, improve the efficiency of life or business, and make some money.

The goal is to find YOUR opportunity. And we’ll help you make it real.

Go through the stages in the article to understand what it takes to develop a custom GPS monitoring solution and how the flespi platform can assist you along the way.

https://flespi.com/blog/building-a-gps- … ith-flespi



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Automatic real-time analytics: freshly calculated intervals for your monitoring solution

flespi analytics goes LIVE.

It means instant intervals calculations for the fleet of any size.

It means any user-defined logic and math are welcome.

It means easily available notifications about a device state change.

It means tons of telemetry messages can be packed and stored cheaper.

And it means even less hassle for developers and even higher performance for their apps.

Learn everything about flespi analytics superpowers here:

https://flespi.com/blog/automatic-real- … g-solution



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May 2019 change log

In May we did a lot of progress and kept uptime high (99.996%).


- impressive units growth

- automatic real-time analytics engine

- new widgets in MQTT Tiles

and more.

Read the details here:




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Analytics walk-through: detecting stops in your trips

flespi analytics is out.

“But, how do I approach it? I feel overwhelmed with the abundance of opportunities it offers.”

Let us do some spoon-feeding for you to feel the taste of it and not choke.

Here are some specific things we’ll do:

- find all stops in the pack of messages

- filter short stops only

- calculate stops duration, etc.

Check the new heavily illustrated article here:

https://flespi.com/blog/analytics-walk- … your-trips



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Analytics walk-through: geofence ins and outs

Continuing our guided tours into flespi analytics.

This time our focus is on geofences. What we’ll do is:

- create a geofence around the city
- check the speed limit inside
- show where the violations took place

Bonus: have you heard about bagel-like geofences? We’ll tell you how to create one;)

Check all details here:

https://flespi.com/blog/analytics-walk- … s-and-outs



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Analytics walk-through: time periods

People like trilogies. So, this is our third part of the analytics walk-through series.

This time we’ll be dealing with aggregating data by time periods.

We’ll instruct flespi to calculate:
- daily mileage
- average daily speed
- time I come to work

Find all the explanations and screenshots in the blog post:

https://flespi.com/blog/analytics-walk- … me-periods



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All it takes to start an e-scooter rental business

Curious about what it takes to establish an e-scooter sharing business?

Actually, you can make it tick with limited resources. And we’ve got some suggestions for you.

Learn how to facilitate the development of the software components of the business and how to minimize hassle with hardware maintenance.

Check the details here:

https://flespi.com/blog/all-it-takes-to … l-business



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June 2019 change log

Oops, we did it again - 100% uptime paired with the impressive change rate:

- the first iteration of the flespi analytics is waiting for you (well-documented)

- flespi MQTT broker gets new extra features

- streams subscriptions API changes (make sure you are using the updated one)

- flespi pricing model meets expectations

- our servers survive a kernel upgrade with zero downtime

- we make the first steps to the world expansion
and more.

Check the details in the new change log:




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Designing a hierarchical project structure

Many telematics businesses have a complex distribution structure. Flespi offers a powerful and adjustable subaccounts mechanism to organize such a structure. In particular:

- let the HQ control everyone

- allocate resources for dealers & sub-dealers

- give (sub-)dealers a quota of resources for use at their discretion

- empower (sub-)dealers to create and assign limits correlating with the pricing model

- help the entire business optimize cost and increase efficiency.

Learn more about the possibilities subaccounts offer to your business:

https://flespi.com/blog/designing-a-hie … -structure