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September 2018 change log

Harvest time in flespi:
- 4-nines uptime - 99.99%
- 12% growth in our users' database
- > 100 000 registered devices on the platform
- proxy protocol to fork traffic
- contribution to make mqtt.js MQTT 5.0 compliant
- built-in chat for even better customer support
- massive plans for October...

Check the details inside.




flespi platform news

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MQTT instead of HTTP to ensure keep-alive on PHP backend

Some server technologies struggle when it comes to maintaining a keep-alive connection. However, the need to establish one is a frequent requirement for many applications.
We offer a fresh alternative to the commonly used WebSockets - the MQTT protocol. In the blog post, we look at the use case where the PHP-powered backend relies on the MQTT broker to instantly deliver notifications to the users of the CRM.

https://flespi.com/blog/mqtt-instead-of … hp-backend



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Visualizing telematics data in Tableau. Dashboards, maps, charts.

Tableau is a visualization wizard. flespi is a hub for telemetry data. We’ve made these two connect to integrate their core competencies. With the new Web Data Connector, you can get messages from the tracking devices in the Tableau environment in seconds. Then you are free to process the data, build advanced dashboards, and use for in-depth business analytics.

https://flespi.com/blog/visualizing-tel … in-tableau



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Smart And Friendly MQTT Client Tool For Debugging And Testing

Being at the forefront of technology is cool but sometimes you may be lacking basic tools for efficient development. With MQTT Board developers will avoid this inconvenience. Create connections to any MQTT brokers in seconds, customize properties, test new features of MQTT 5.0, create multiple publishers and subscribers, see messages in real-time. Welcome on Board!

https://flespi.com/blog/smart-and-frien … nd-newbies



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Easy Integration Of Telemetry Data In Your ERP System

You got tons of telematics messages sitting on your servers. However, telemetry data alone does not represent any of your business processes. It needs to be a piece of a bigger whole. Don’t leave it in solitude. Help it reinforce your ERP system and maximize its value to your business. Learn how to do it the right way in the following blog post.

https://flespi.com/blog/easy-integratio … erp-system



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Let's Switch Sides. Flespi Concepts From The User Perspective

flespi is a complex, multi-purpose solution. However, not everyone needs the full set of features. We envisioned ourselves walking in the footsteps of our users to relate the key concepts and functionality that the flespi platform offers to the common tasks that businesses face. Check the straightforward explanations and vivid analogies inside.

https://flespi.com/blog/lets-switch-sid … erspective



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October 2018 change log

- premium 100% platform uptime
- MQTT Board - open-source MQTT 5.0 client tool
- subaccounts management
- Wonde Proud & Sierra Wireless protocols support
- exceptional customer support stats thanks to the built-in chat
- and a bit of customer base analysis.

Read the details in the blog post.




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How To Set Up Email Notifications About Flespi Errors

Even the latest technologies don’t save us from connectivity issues. However, reacting swiftly to occasional failures is viable and desired. The determining factor here is getting notifications about any abnormal situations as soon as possible. The scenario described in this article instructs how to get notifications about flespi stream errors in your inbox within seconds using the open-source Thingsboard platform.

https://flespi.com/blog/how-to-set-up-e … spi-errors



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Flespi Panel Split: More Customization, Fewer Distractions

flespi panel aims to be closer to the tasks you solve. We don’t want you to get distracted by the features you do not use. Now you can pick the mode for your flespi panel (Telematics hub, MQTT broker or Both) and customize the menu even further to leave strictly the items that you need. More details in the blog post.

https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-panel-sp … stractions



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End-to-end connectivity and debugging for GPS hardware manufacturers

You (GPS hardware manufacturers) create devices that are used with various platforms in a number of ways. You cannot always foresee the cases and scenarios in which your equipment is used, but you are often the point of contact for unhappy clients. Flespi suggests building an infrastructure enabling you to diagnose issues more quickly and respond to customer queries with higher accuracy. Equip yourself with proper debugging tools and gain trust with your clients by showing them how much you care.

https://flespi.com/blog/end-to-end-conn … ufacturers



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Flespi Knowledge Base — You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Even the smartest and the greatest need a reference point to springboard their thoughts to the sky. Now we have one for you — a source of answers to your “What is...” and “How to...” questions, a source of inspiration for your projects, and a source of confidence for your business. It’s flespi knowledge base. Follow the link to learn more.

https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-knowledg … ve-answers



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November 2018 change log

It was tough this month but we've made it - 99.95% uptime (due to gnomes in the datacenter).

- a comprehensive Knowledge Base
- new pages for our open-source tools
- new features in the flespi panel
- new protocol integration
- tweaks in the Subaccounts functionality
- updated Status page
- scalability improve in the datacenter
and more.

Learn the details in the blog post.




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Sending Commands To A GPS Tracker From Multiple Platforms

Proxy channel is a bi-directional data stream splitter letting not only fork the message flow from a tracker but also getting the commands back to the device from several destinations. Learn how to set up the proxy channel in flespi and how this may be beneficial for your projects.

https://flespi.com/blog/sending-command … -platforms