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HTTP vs MQTT performance tests

Is MQTT as good as it seems? Does HTTP have anything to counter? We’ve run a few tests on a laptop and Raspberry Pi to probe the strong and weak sides of the protocols and see where each applies best.




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50 Free SMS to Setup your GPS Trackers. Configuring Ruptela and ATrack

Start configuring the tracker via SMS with minimal preparation. Type in your tracker’s phone number and start changing settings. No modem setup. No upfront payments. Dozens of tracker types.

https://flespi.com/blog/50-free-sms-to- … and-atrack



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Event-driven web application design with MQTT

Designing a heavy-load session-based web app? Need to ensure High Availability? Try MQTT-powered architecture to build a scalable and resource-efficient system for telematics or any other event-based scenario.

https://flespi.com/blog/event-driven-we … -with-mqtt



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January 2018 change log

More flexibility and freedom with the device type concept, built-in modem with 50 free SMS each month, fixed authentication vulnerability, improvements to MQTT broker. Uptime 99.979%. Learn more inside.




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Connecting a tracker to Wialon via flespi and why you may want it

Wialon is a comprehensive fleet management software meeting most transport monitoring needs. flespi specializes in telematics connectivity, trackers configuration, and friendly debugging. Why not combine these two? Let us tell you why it’s worthy and how to do it.

https://flespi.com/blog/connecting-a-tr … ay-want-it



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The best GPS tracking device manufacturer

How to tell a good tracking device manufacturer from a bad one? Trial-and-error method is not an option. We want to give you a tried-and-true hint from our experience.

https://flespi.com/blog/the-best-gps-tr … nufacturer



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Tour de flespi: dates and places to find us in 2018

Want to talk to flespi in person? Here’s the list of events throughout the year and around the globe to shake hands with us, discuss your projects, and learn how we can help.

https://flespi.com/blog/tour-de-flespi- … us-in-2018



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Shared subscriptions: yet another flespi MQTT broker feature

If you expect the demand for your flespi-based application to grow and you are searching for ways to scale up smoothly, take a look at the shared subscriptions feature. Minimum setup, maximum results.

https://flespi.com/blog/shared-subscrip … er-feature



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Instantly get your Telegram messages to flespi and beyond

Telegram is a booming communication channel these days. flespi learned to get messages and location info from Telegram and stream it to Wialon. Real fast!

https://flespi.com/blog/instantly-get-y … and-beyond



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February 2018 change log

Our progress in February: fresh ideas from the Netherlands, shared subs in MQTT, four new protocols, better authorization… and 99.974% uptime!




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Benchmarking popular MQTT + JSON implementations

We took Python, C, Go, and some other JSON parsers and compared how well they perform with various MQTT clients. See our benchmarking results and takeaways inside.

https://flespi.com/blog/benchmarking-po … mentations



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How to connect ESP8266 to secure MQTT broker: know-it-all and get-it-done approach

The ESP8266 board is a perfect choice for a DIY amateur IoT network. So is the MQTT protocol. Both are simple, powerful, and easy to use. We tell you about the two ways to connect ESP8266 to a flespi MQTT broker over SSL - for control-obsessed and result-oriented enthusiasts.

https://flespi.com/blog/how-to-connect- … e-approach



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Developing with flespi: take our telematics Lego bricks and start creating

We understand that creating a monitoring system is no trivial task. But we want to eliminate all hurdles we know how to cross. So we give you an open-source library (we are using ourselves) to make developing flespi-based telematics and IoT solutions swift and efficient. Check more details inside.

https://flespi.com/blog/developing-with … t-creating



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DIY smart home solution with Domoticz, flespi, and RaspberryPi. Bonuses included.

Want your smart home solution to be flexible, fast, and secure? Want to deploy it locally and make available globally? Want the sensors data sent to and visualized on various platforms? How about attaching a motion-detection camera with file storage just for fun?

https://flespi.com/blog/diy-smart-home- … s-included



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Retained messages and extended REST API in flespi MQTT broker

MQTT 5.0 is in the air. flespi MQTT broker aims to be ahead of the game in complying with the latest standard. This time we have introduced the retained messages support. On top of that, we are now offering a flexible REST API for remote management of the MQTT broker. Check the details inside.

https://flespi.com/blog/retained-messag … qtt-broker



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March 2018 change log

Impressive advancements on the road to MQTT 5.0 compliance. A bunch of newly integrated protocols. CDN file storage. Complete website overhaul. And... the highest ever platform uptime - 99.997%! Read the details inside.




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First MQTT 5.0-compliant broker on the market. flespi takes the lead

flespi is carving its name in the history of IoT communication by becoming the first public MQTT 5.0 broker. What’s in it for you? Shared subscriptions, retained messages, response topic, maximum packet size, and more. Plus bonuses from the flespi team! Learn the details inside.

https://flespi.com/blog/first-mqtt-50-c … s-the-lead



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Propelling the database engine from great to exceptional

How to make a perfect telematics database even better? Go deep in the guts and find room for enhancement. This is exactly what we did. Took what was working good and made it work great. Now the database performance is higher, and the storage use is lower.

https://flespi.com/blog/how-to-make-a-p … e-to-btree



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April 2018 change log

First ever MQTT 5.0 broker, revised flespi database engine, more devices and settings supported in device management platform. And, hey, we were with you 100% of the time in April!




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flespi is on Youtube now!

How about some video content from flespi? From now on we’ll not only post articles on the blog but will also record helpful videos going through common routines, presenting new features, and explaining key concepts. Subscribe to our Youtube channel!




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Foes to allies: how Omnicomm, Navixy, and Wialon happily coexist in flespi

flespi continues its peacemaking journey across the telematics industry. Omnicomm, Navixy, and Wialon now have the common ground. Aggregate data from multiple fleet management platforms and visualize it on a single map.

https://flespi.com/blog/foes-to-allies- … -in-flespi



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Never run out of space: flespi camera powered by CDN storage

Want to secure space on your device but not limit your inner photographer? Try this progressive web app that can do shots or scan barcodes and save them into the flespi CDN storage.

https://flespi.com/blog/never-run-out-o … dn-storage



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How to configure tracking devices with flespi? And why?

ll you need to know about flespi universal device configurator, why you want to try it, and what you can do with it is now put together in a concentrated and illustrated longread. Check it now!

https://flespi.com/blog/how-to-configur … pi-and-why



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The new CeBIT, the new flespi

Meet the flespi team in Hannover on June 12-15 to learn the nitty-gritty of the flespi platform and ask how it may apply to your projects.




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Configuring Queclink devices with flespi

flespi wants to make friends with as many device manufacturers as possible. One of the first in the list is Queclink - a leading Chinese tracker manufacturer with powerful devices at an attractive price. Check how flespi makes configuring Queclink trackers a visual and dynamic experience (nice bonuses included).

https://flespi.com/blog/configuring-que … ith-flespi