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flespi platform news

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How to benefit from the flexible telematics backend?
Given many years’ experience in the area of M2M telematics, hundreds of partnerships with hardware manufacturers and software developers it seems to be obvious why we created flespi. But once we consider it a commercial product, we need to ask, “for whom?”

It’s been less than a month since we presented flespi at Cebit 2017 and after five days of live conversations with partners we made sure that we address the right businesses. As a result, 7 world-known software platform providers are already integrating flespi gateway (the first module of flespi platform) into their software products.

Now we have even better understanding of how you can benefit from the flexible telematics backend and want to share it with you.

https://flespi.com/blog/how-to-benefit- … cs-backend


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What is flespi?


Some background information about why we developed flespi platform and how to compare it with another Gurtam product – Wialon



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The idea behind flespi gateway

What is the commercial value of flespi gateway and how it will change the world of telematic software development - by Aliaksei Shchurko




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Global IoT and telematics reviews. Impressive forecasts for 2017-2020

Traditionally, at the end of the first quarter of the year analytical agencies present their reports and forecasts for the years to come. We have collected some important reviews to see the predictions about the development of the IoT sector and telematics segment: incredible figures, extremely increasing number of devices and data, IoT security, and drones

https://flespi.com/blog/global-iot-and- … -2017-2020



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An open source Python module to connect flespi channel to IoT platforms

On the way to launch flespi gateway we pay special attention to the questions of possible platform use cases. And the most important task for any use case is to describe the process of consuming new messages from devices. Besides a widespread REST API technology we have introduced Swagger-generated API clients for some popular languages. And if REST API is just a common and multi-platform way for application interaction and Swagger clients provide easy-to-use method wrappers for REST API calls, we are ready for the next step - to provide a library with a computationally efficient model of message consumption and extendable architecture.

Let us introduce an open source Python module flespi_reciever: https://flespi.com/blog/an-open-source- … -platforms



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flespi database system

When searching for data storage system for flespi we were primarily committed to its performance. We tested just everything from Oracle Berkeley DB to PostgreSQL and found them great unless you work with hundreds of terabytes of data. That’s why we implemented our own database management system to offer highest performance with such a low price that can not be offered by any other cloud-based system.

Find out more on our blog https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-database-system



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New flespi platform control panel released

Last week flespi team released REST API and flespi panel update. It has been modified due to the new functionality allowing for convenient token and channel management right from flespi panel so you no more need to turn to REST API requests!

Learn more about how we make flespi functionality available for everyone on our blog
https://flespi.com/blog/we-change-the-w … -interface



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flespi Service Level Agreement: how we guarantee 99.9% system uptime

To show that we care about the reliability of your business, we guarantee a 99.9% flespi platform uptime and carefully benchmark it. Even if a tiny downtime occurs, we take immediate action to fix it and provide monetary reimbursement to our users. Learn the details on our blog

https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-service- … tem-uptime



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flespi storage system: one-of-a-kind telematics database engine
It took us two weeks of intense work to design and release flespi storage component API - the fastest IoT cloud database development seen to date. Learn more on https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-storage- … ase-engine


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Top 7 technologies for IoT connectivity 2017
We have conducted an IOT industry research and put together a comprehensive rating of the leading players on the IoT connectivity market. Check our insights in a new flespi blog post
https://flespi.com/blog/top-7-technolog … ivity-2017


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Evolution of message parameters in GPS tracking systems
We always share our experiences with the industry to drive progress and ignite innovations. Learn how we arrived at the concept of the GPS message parameters currently applied in flespi
https://flespi.com/blog/evolution-of-me … ng-systems


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The secret of success for hardware integrators lies in the plane of IT
To efficiently grow the business and stay competitive telematics hardware integrators should create software solutions easily embeddable into existing business ecosystems
https://flespi.com/blog/the-secret-of-s … lane-of-it

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Experts forecast: there will be no silver bullet in IoT connectivity market
The recent Gurtam conference highlighted a number of major technological trends. Field experts envision no one-size-fits-all network standard for IoT applications in the near future
https://flespi.com/blog/experts-forecas … ity-market


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Top 7 industries adopting IoT: real-life cases, trends, and forecasts
flespi showcases real-world commercial uses of M2M communication, identifies primary industries taking advantage of IoT, and crystallizes the most promising directions

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Evgenij Spitsyn, Developer, flespi team

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flespi administration system
How flespi components hosted on various servers interact with each other to provide uninterrupted service
https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-administ … telegram=1

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Evgenij Spitsyn, Developer, flespi team

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Top 10 IoT technologies: where the hype is according to Gartner
An overview of IoT-related technologies that will be shaping the future of our connected world in the years to come
https://flespi.com/blog/top-10-iot-tech … to-gartner

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Picking the right IoT platform: 10 things to consider
A checklist to sift through the dozens of options available on the market and find the best fit for your business
https://flespi.com/blog/picking-the-rig … o-consider


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Everything you wanted to know about #flespi is now accumulated in one place
No need to flick through the pages to find answers to all your questions, including idea and product mission, quick start guide and API, features and architecture, benefits and pricing, etc. Should you have any additional questions or requests, please post those below


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Know the potential pitfalls when embedding IoT into your company strategy
IoT promises disruptive opportunities to businesses of all types and sizes, however, building allies with this mighty force takes consistent and comprehensive efforts across the organization
https://flespi.com/blog/challenges-in-i … -on-top-of



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August 2017 change log
Our development process becomes more transparent than ever - from now on we will be informing you about monthly changes to the flespi platform in the change log posts on our blog.
In August flespi platform had a few major achievements one of which is that we finally removed “subject to change” disclaimer from gateway and platform API, basically marking these APIs as “released” and ready to use by developers in own products.
learn more on https://flespi.com/blog/august-2017-change-log


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flespi test-drive: connecting WiaTag to Wialon Hosting and GPS Trace
Check out how to establish end-to-end connectivity between various tracking devices and business app. No more problems with unique ID!
Try flespi to unify your tracking infrastructure and contact us with any questions you may have
https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-test-dri … -gps-trace


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Meet flespi at MWCA 2017 in San-Francisco on September 12-14
Find out from its inventor how flespi revolutionizes telematics connectivity.
North Hall, booth 120


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We introduce the new module in flespi platform
flespi registry makes the interaction between telematics devices and software platforms protocol- and manufacturer-independent and gives you an extensive configuration and diagnostics toolkit
https://flespi.com/blog/intro-to-regist … ation-tool


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New era for HW manufacturers!
Overcome integration complexity, speed up sales and decrease the cost of technical support. flespi is an all-in-one solution to the main pitfalls of hardware manufacturers. Read more in the new article from the Chief Gurtam Architect inspired by MWCA 2017
https://flespi.com/blog/speed-up-your-g … es-process


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flespi streams overview: telematics data and commands sent without a hitch
Deliver telemetry data to multiple destinations over multiple protocols
https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-streams- … ut-a-hitch


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Open-source GPS tracking system. TrackIt
Check the first flespi-powered open-source GPS tracking system and see what you can wrap around the flespi platform within a few days
https://flespi.com/blog/open-source-gps … em-trackit


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September 2017 change log
Autumn is the harvest time, and we’ve reaped quite a few fresh goodies for you in September


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Dear flespi users!

Among other improvements in September, we created an NOC Telegram channel https://t.me/flespi_noc
Now you can now get posts about all technical incidents, information on updates, and downtime timing in one spot. We care about you every step of the way


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Telemetry - yet another key feature of flespi device
AWS IoT calls it shadow. Microsoft Azure IoT calls it device twin. We call it device telemetry. Check how flespi implements a must-have structure for a high-class IoT platform
https://flespi.com/blog/telemetry-yet-a … spi-device


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Taking telematics to the cloud: Galileosky data on Amazon servers

Feed telemetry from your trackers into AWS IoT and benefit from the rich set of services that Amazon cloud delivers to your business. Let flespi do the hard part, and capitalize on the new opportunities.

https://flespi.com/blog/taking-telemati … on-servers



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Cow 2.0 or How to Connect a Cow to the Internet?

Don't think cows can be smart? We prove the opposite. Real-time cattle temperature monitoring facilitates early disease prevention and yield forecasting. Get eloquent dashboards with Thingsboard, and instant cow-nectivity with flespi. Minimal programming efforts required.

https://flespi.com/blog/cow-20-or-how-t … e-internet



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October 2017 change log

October was a killer month! We made a few giant leaps toward our strategic goals and added a lot of features for you.




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IoT security: 6 tips to employ its power to your strategic benefit

Feeling unarmed in the face of the IoT invasion? Everyone does. How about some tips to turn IoT security issues from confronting to codirectional with your business?

https://flespi.com/blog/iot-security-si … ic-benefit



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Streams: now pushing as well as pulling

Two long-awaited flespi features of November are at the door - redesigned streams and universal device configurator! Check the new connectivity options the streams offer. And foretaste the release of configurator in a couple of weeks.

https://flespi.com/blog/streams-now-pus … as-pulling



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flespi panel update: friendly face for the beast inside

All metrics in one place. Subscriptions managed on a graph with a mouse. flespi panel has put some makeup on! The home screen now features an informative dashboard, and the Graph section enables visual stream subscriptions.

https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-panel-up … ast-inside



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Money matters: flespi pricing explained

We know it’s important to you. We don’t want any confusion here. We unscramble every aspect of our pricing policy and provide example calculations to make it crystal clear. No place for cheating or hidden fees. Ever.

https://flespi.com/blog/money-matters-f … -explained



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Configuring a tracker via SMS: Teltonika set up over SMPP protocol

Need to set up a tracker? Just shoot a text message! No wires needed. A laptop with flespi running and an SMPP service activated will suffice.

https://flespi.com/blog/configuring-a-t … p-protocol



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November 2017 change log

Universal device configurator, new streams, updated panel, and more at an amazing 99.993% system uptime! Read how we spent November.




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Important policy update

Dear flespi users,

The number of accounts created with the flespi.io panel is impressive - thanks for your interest! However, some have been inactive for quite a while, which led us to introduce the following policy:

free account inactive for 60 days is subject to deletion.

Thanks for using flespi! We promise to keep giving you reasons to stay with us!

P.S. All changes are reflected on the pricing page: https://flespi.com/pricing.



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Drive telematics diagnostics beyond ordinary with flespi toolbox

Tired of sifting through logs and hand-picking messages? flespi toolbox transforms the routine job into a fulfilling and fruitful experience. Diagnose, debug, and optimize in a universal, flexible, and cosy interface.

https://flespi.com/blog/drive-telematic … pi-toolbox



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Take control of token access permissions with flexible ACLs

Tokens are the keys to your flespi-based infrastructure. You don’t want them to open all doors to anyone. Grant just enough access permissions for users to perform their tasks conveniently, but not enough to cause any harm (even accidentally).

https://flespi.com/blog/take-control-of … xible-acls



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Adjustable wrench of telematics: universal device configurator unveiled

How do you tell revolution from evolution? Revolution disrupts processes. Tracking device configuration process will never be the same. For one reason - flespi universal device configurator is out. You need nothing else to set up your devices however far they are and whatever protocol they use.

https://flespi.com/blog/adjustable-wren … r-unveiled



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Can building telematics infrastructure be easy?

Struggling to make it tick? Connect all dots in your telematics-reliant infrastructure with straight bold lines. Store data securely. Access it swiftly. Forward it to multiple destinations with minimal setup. Configure multibrand device herd in a single tool.

https://flespi.com/blog/can-building-te … re-be-easy



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MBUS — the MQTT flespi-style and the opportunities it brings along

What started as an internal technical redesign evolved into a full-scale MQTT broker. Fast, secure, and multi-purpose. See how it worked for us and evaluate its relevance for your infrastructure.

https://flespi.com/blog/mbus-the-mqtt-f … ings-along



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December 2017 Change Log

A new year is always a milestone and time for presents. We’ve prepared some impressive gifts for you to make 2018 more productive and hassle-free. Unified device configurator. MQTT broker. Toolbox. And much more! Check inside.




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MBUS architecture - what makes our MQTT stand out

When you want fast and reliable connectivity within your M2M infrastructure, you pick MQTT. When you want fast and reliable MQTT, you pick MBUS. Check our blog post for proof.

https://flespi.com/blog/mbus-architectu … -stand-out



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How flespi adds protocols and easy device setup to Traccar

flespi pumps up Traccar platform with wider and deeper protocols support: more manufacturers, more models, more message parameters. Universal device configurator allows changing settings for all types of trackers connected to Traccar via flespi in a single interface.

https://flespi.com/blog/how-flespi-adds … to-traccar



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How Industry Leaders Use IoT in Supply Chain

How are the great companies of the world benefiting from IoT? They are integrating it to their very guts - the supply chain processes. There’s no shame in following in the footsteps of leaders - get inspired by the real-life uses and devise yours.

https://flespi.com/blog/how-industry-le … pply-chain



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Top 6 flespi Screw Ups 2017

We are not perfect. We make mistakes. But then we own them. Fix them. Find the root cause. And try to minimize the chance of them happening again.




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HTTP vs MQTT performance tests

Is MQTT as good as it seems? Does HTTP have anything to counter? We’ve run a few tests on a laptop and Raspberry Pi to probe the strong and weak sides of the protocols and see where each applies best.




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50 Free SMS to Setup your GPS Trackers. Configuring Ruptela and ATrack

Start configuring the tracker via SMS with minimal preparation. Type in your tracker’s phone number and start changing settings. No modem setup. No upfront payments. Dozens of tracker types.

https://flespi.com/blog/50-free-sms-to- … and-atrack



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Event-driven web application design with MQTT

Designing a heavy-load session-based web app? Need to ensure High Availability? Try MQTT-powered architecture to build a scalable and resource-efficient system for telematics or any other event-based scenario.

https://flespi.com/blog/event-driven-we … -with-mqtt



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January 2018 change log

More flexibility and freedom with the device type concept, built-in modem with 50 free SMS each month, fixed authentication vulnerability, improvements to MQTT broker. Uptime 99.979%. Learn more inside.




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Connecting a tracker to Wialon via flespi and why you may want it

Wialon is a comprehensive fleet management software meeting most transport monitoring needs. flespi specializes in telematics connectivity, trackers configuration, and friendly debugging. Why not combine these two? Let us tell you why it’s worthy and how to do it.

https://flespi.com/blog/connecting-a-tr … ay-want-it



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The best GPS tracking device manufacturer

How to tell a good tracking device manufacturer from a bad one? Trial-and-error method is not an option. We want to give you a tried-and-true hint from our experience.

https://flespi.com/blog/the-best-gps-tr … nufacturer



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Tour de flespi: dates and places to find us in 2018

Want to talk to flespi in person? Here’s the list of events throughout the year and around the globe to shake hands with us, discuss your projects, and learn how we can help.

https://flespi.com/blog/tour-de-flespi- … us-in-2018



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Shared subscriptions: yet another flespi MQTT broker feature

If you expect the demand for your flespi-based application to grow and you are searching for ways to scale up smoothly, take a look at the shared subscriptions feature. Minimum setup, maximum results.

https://flespi.com/blog/shared-subscrip … er-feature



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Instantly get your Telegram messages to flespi and beyond

Telegram is a booming communication channel these days. flespi learned to get messages and location info from Telegram and stream it to Wialon. Real fast!

https://flespi.com/blog/instantly-get-y … and-beyond



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February 2018 change log

Our progress in February: fresh ideas from the Netherlands, shared subs in MQTT, four new protocols, better authorization… and 99.974% uptime!




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Benchmarking popular MQTT + JSON implementations

We took Python, C, Go, and some other JSON parsers and compared how well they perform with various MQTT clients. See our benchmarking results and takeaways inside.

https://flespi.com/blog/benchmarking-po … mentations



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How to connect ESP8266 to secure MQTT broker: know-it-all and get-it-done approach

The ESP8266 board is a perfect choice for a DIY amateur IoT network. So is the MQTT protocol. Both are simple, powerful, and easy to use. We tell you about the two ways to connect ESP8266 to a flespi MQTT broker over SSL - for control-obsessed and result-oriented enthusiasts.

https://flespi.com/blog/how-to-connect- … e-approach



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Developing with flespi: take our telematics Lego bricks and start creating

We understand that creating a monitoring system is no trivial task. But we want to eliminate all hurdles we know how to cross. So we give you an open-source library (we are using ourselves) to make developing flespi-based telematics and IoT solutions swift and efficient. Check more details inside.

https://flespi.com/blog/developing-with … t-creating



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DIY smart home solution with Domoticz, flespi, and RaspberryPi. Bonuses included.

Want your smart home solution to be flexible, fast, and secure? Want to deploy it locally and make available globally? Want the sensors data sent to and visualized on various platforms? How about attaching a motion-detection camera with file storage just for fun?

https://flespi.com/blog/diy-smart-home- … s-included



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Retained messages and extended REST API in flespi MQTT broker

MQTT 5.0 is in the air. flespi MQTT broker aims to be ahead of the game in complying with the latest standard. This time we have introduced the retained messages support. On top of that, we are now offering a flexible REST API for remote management of the MQTT broker. Check the details inside.

https://flespi.com/blog/retained-messag … qtt-broker



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March 2018 change log

Impressive advancements on the road to MQTT 5.0 compliance. A bunch of newly integrated protocols. CDN file storage. Complete website overhaul. And... the highest ever platform uptime - 99.997%! Read the details inside.




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First MQTT 5.0-compliant broker on the market. flespi takes the lead

flespi is carving its name in the history of IoT communication by becoming the first public MQTT 5.0 broker. What’s in it for you? Shared subscriptions, retained messages, response topic, maximum packet size, and more. Plus bonuses from the flespi team! Learn the details inside.

https://flespi.com/blog/first-mqtt-50-c … s-the-lead



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Propelling the database engine from great to exceptional

How to make a perfect telematics database even better? Go deep in the guts and find room for enhancement. This is exactly what we did. Took what was working good and made it work great. Now the database performance is higher, and the storage use is lower.

https://flespi.com/blog/how-to-make-a-p … e-to-btree



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April 2018 change log

First ever MQTT 5.0 broker, revised flespi database engine, more devices and settings supported in device management platform. And, hey, we were with you 100% of the time in April!




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flespi is on Youtube now!

How about some video content from flespi? From now on we’ll not only post articles on the blog but will also record helpful videos going through common routines, presenting new features, and explaining key concepts. Subscribe to our Youtube channel!




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Foes to allies: how Omnicomm, Navixy, and Wialon happily coexist in flespi

flespi continues its peacemaking journey across the telematics industry. Omnicomm, Navixy, and Wialon now have the common ground. Aggregate data from multiple fleet management platforms and visualize it on a single map.

https://flespi.com/blog/foes-to-allies- … -in-flespi



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Never run out of space: flespi camera powered by CDN storage

Want to secure space on your device but not limit your inner photographer? Try this progressive web app that can do shots or scan barcodes and save them into the flespi CDN storage.

https://flespi.com/blog/never-run-out-o … dn-storage



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How to configure tracking devices with flespi? And why?

ll you need to know about flespi universal device configurator, why you want to try it, and what you can do with it is now put together in a concentrated and illustrated longread. Check it now!

https://flespi.com/blog/how-to-configur … pi-and-why



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The new CeBIT, the new flespi

Meet the flespi team in Hannover on June 12-15 to learn the nitty-gritty of the flespi platform and ask how it may apply to your projects.




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Configuring Queclink devices with flespi

flespi wants to make friends with as many device manufacturers as possible. One of the first in the list is Queclink - a leading Chinese tracker manufacturer with powerful devices at an attractive price. Check how flespi makes configuring Queclink trackers a visual and dynamic experience (nice bonuses included).

https://flespi.com/blog/configuring-que … ith-flespi



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May 2018 change log

GDPR compliance, new protocols support, a Youtube channel with helpful videos, a lot of internal work, and ambitious plans for the upcoming months. And, a 99.998% uptime! Follow the link for details:




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Access to flespi from your app

Allow users to log in to your application with their flespi account - this way your service can transparently access the user’s flespi workspace, e.g. storage, telematics hub elements, etc.




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Configuring Concox devices with flespi

Concox makes affordable trackers for individuals, fleets, and immovable assets. flespi gives you user-friendly controls to manage their settings, debug issues, and operate dataflow from a single interface. Just check how cool it is!

https://flespi.com/blog/configuring-con … ith-flespi



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Visualize flespi device parameters in Grafana

Now when you connect your tracking devices to the flespi platform, you get not only storage and device management opportunities, but also an easy way to represent numeric parameter values on visually engaging and customizable graphs. Check how flespi-devices Grafana plugin facilitates this task.

https://flespi.com/blog/visualize-flesp … in-grafana



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What’s up with my flespi account? It’s in flespi/state/#

The flespi panel is not carved in stone. It’s as flexible as you want it to be. With flespi MQTT API, you can easily customize the set of measures to aggregate. In addition, the values will update automatically and can appear in your dashboards, websites, or apps. Check the details and an example inside.

https://flespi.com/blog/whats-up-with-m … espi-state



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Configuring Teltonika devices with flespi

Teltonika is a prolific GPS tracking device manufacturers with dozens of highly customizable models. Friendly flespi device configurator lets you not be overwhelmed by the configuration process and at the same time do all the tuning necessary to achieve the most precise results. Configure your Teltonika devices quickly, conveniently, and intuitively. More details inside.

https://flespi.com/blog/configuring-tel … ith-flespi



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Private data switch: GDPR compliance and personal location data protection

Respect you workers’ location data privacy and comply with the GDPR requirements. Plug the business-private location data switch into your fleet management platform with flespi. Try the working code inside!

https://flespi.com/blog/private-data-sw … protection



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June 2018 change log

June is a fruitful month not for nature only - flespi keeps its transition to MQTT, introduces new protocols (fleetboard, wialon_combine), exhibits on CeBIT, expands its integrations network, and keeps bragging it’s outstanding uptime - 99.998!




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How to become a better flespi client

flespi is a new phenomenon on the market and the way it does business may be surprising or confusing to some people. Today we are lifting the curtain. Get ready to talk technical, stay focused on the goal, and be open to alternatives.

https://flespi.com/blog/how-to-become-a … spi-client



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MQTT scores again: flespi REST API over MQTT

Benefit from the fast and lightweight publish-subscribe architecture of MQTT when working with the flespi platform REST API. Use MQTT 5.0 advanced features if needed. Stay ahead of the game by using the best performing technologies.

https://flespi.com/blog/mqtt-scores-aga … -over-mqtt



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When The Clouds Close Down: Feeding GPS Data to Microsoft Azure IoT

Make Microsoft Azure IoT have an intelligent look at your GPS data. Get the best of both worlds: flespi will organize the delivery of messages from various tracking devices into the Microsoft cloud, and Azure will take care of getting the most value out of this data. Connect devices. Collect data. Drive insights.

https://flespi.com/blog/when-the-clouds … -azure-iot



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How to Access Messages in flespi: HTTP, MQTT, and More

flespi aggregates telematics messages from versatile GPS tracking devices. How do you get them out into your application? Well, there’s a number of ways: REST API, streams, and MQTT. Pick what’s good for you!

https://flespi.com/blog/how-to-access-m … t-and-more



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MS Power BI integration: a Wheelbarrow with a Rocket Engine or Clouds with Patches of a Blue Sky

Sh*t happens. But you don’t want it to happen to your clients. And you don’t want it to happen too often. In an attempt to assist our client in completing the task of showing the telemetry data on a dashboard we got deeply acquainted with the power and powerlessness of MS Power BI. We share our personal experience in the article to help you make a more informative decision in a similar situation.
Note: This is a subjective picture referring to the case of visualizing IoT telemetry data only.
P.S. Cat pictures included.




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Benchmarking Wialon Combine Protocol with GlonassSoft

A protocol is like a car - it takes data from point A to point B. And as well as cars, protocols vary in their agility and performance. The new Wialon Combine protocol by Gurtam is the result of 15 years of experience in telematics and analysis of dozens of third-party protocols. Learn more details in our new blog post based on the research by GlonassSoft.

https://flespi.com/blog/benchmarking-wi … lonasssoft



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July 2018 change log

Mid-summer was hot: integration with MS Azure IoT hub and MS Power BI, transition of flespi.io to MQTT, new protocols, and 99,95% uptime. What's coming is even hotter: new built-in support chat, new API docs, and a deep dive into telematics analytics assisted by the artificial intelligence (stay tuned).




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Managing the Light Bulb from a Smartphone over MQTT

A zillionth way to remotely control a light bulb? Almost. A flexible and scalable approach to creating an IoT dashboard? Exactly. Starring: MQTT as a lightning-fast communication channel, flespi as a telematics connectivity provider, MQTT Dash as a mobile app for dashboard creation, and Concox as a hardware supplier. Check how they efficiently link together to deliver a high-class performance.

https://flespi.com/blog/managing-the-li … -over-mqtt



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Google IoT Cloud: Cheap Storage and Advanced Analytics for Your Telematics Data

Want more value from the loads of telematics data you own? Need to backup device messages in a safe place? You might already have Google in mind but aren’t sure how to stream the data from trackers in the Google Cloud. Flespi provides a straightforward solution and allows forwarding telemetry data to the Google ecosystem for storage, processing, and analytics.

https://flespi.com/blog/google-iot-clou … atics-data



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Collaborate with flespi partners

If you lack resources or expertise to develop custom telematics or IoT solutions in-house, ask our partners for assistance. We are putting together a list of experienced companies around the globe with successful flespi-based projects in their portfolios. These are the guys we know and trust, so you can do too.



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Wialon & flespi — Seven Common Use Cases to Join Forces

Wialon users, this one is for you! A detailed answer to the pressing question: “Why would I need to use flespi?”. This article is a collection of specific cases, bright schemes, and clear-cut benefits.

https://flespi.com/blog/wialon-flespi-s … oin-forces



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Insights From the Telematics 2018 Conference

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how close your vision of the product is to the actual demands of the users? We had a rare chance to compare the two during the huge Telematics event held in our office. Check the observations and findings from our survey in the new article.

https://flespi.com/blog/insights-from-t … conference



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August 2018 change log

August was by no means a low season for flespi! Massive servers upgrade around the world, connectivity with Google IoT Cloud, a case of managing a light bulb from a smartphone through a GPS tracker, analysis of customer needs, and much more! All that at an impressive 99.996% uptime. Learn the details inside.




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Migration between GPS tracking systems with zero data loss… and more

Need to migrate to a new GPS tracking system smoothly? Want to use several fleet management platforms at a time for testing or on a permanent basis? Looking for a handy way to debug connectivity issues? With new flespi proxy protocol, there are no more “either-ors” - you get it all! Learn the details inside..

https://flespi.com/blog/migration-betwe … s-and-more



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MQTT.js client library upgraded to MQTT 5.0 standard

MQTT 5.0 gets closer to developers. With the updated MQTT.js client library, developing applications relying on the speed of the latest standard and its rich feature set (shared groups, will delay interval, response topic, etc.) is easy and efficient. Check the novelties the MQTT 5.0 brings and try them out. Learn more about the power and the specifics of the MQTT.js 5.0 in our overview.

https://flespi.com/blog/mqttjs-client-l … 5-standard



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Resolve your questions quicker with flespi chat

Having flespi-related questions? Get the answers quicker. Do not switch tabs or applications to send a message to the flespi team. Just click the chat button on the flespi panel and start communication with the support specialist. Check the details in the new article.

https://flespi.com/blog/resolve-your-qu … lespi-chat



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Handy HEX Viewer For Telemetry Data

Do you always feel comfortable being mesmerized by the matrices of hex values? We don’t. That’s why we tried to have a fresh look at a common hex viewer and make it more intuitive and ergonomic. Keep calm and sniff telemetry data.

https://flespi.com/blog/handy-hex-viewe … metry-data



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September 2018 change log

Harvest time in flespi:
- 4-nines uptime - 99.99%
- 12% growth in our users' database
- > 100 000 registered devices on the platform
- proxy protocol to fork traffic
- contribution to make mqtt.js MQTT 5.0 compliant
- built-in chat for even better customer support
- massive plans for October...

Check the details inside.




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MQTT instead of HTTP to ensure keep-alive on PHP backend

Some server technologies struggle when it comes to maintaining a keep-alive connection. However, the need to establish one is a frequent requirement for many applications.
We offer a fresh alternative to the commonly used WebSockets - the MQTT protocol. In the blog post, we look at the use case where the PHP-powered backend relies on the MQTT broker to instantly deliver notifications to the users of the CRM.

https://flespi.com/blog/mqtt-instead-of … hp-backend



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Visualizing telematics data in Tableau. Dashboards, maps, charts.

Tableau is a visualization wizard. flespi is a hub for telemetry data. We’ve made these two connect to integrate their core competencies. With the new Web Data Connector, you can get messages from the tracking devices in the Tableau environment in seconds. Then you are free to process the data, build advanced dashboards, and use for in-depth business analytics.

https://flespi.com/blog/visualizing-tel … in-tableau



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Smart And Friendly MQTT Client Tool For Debugging And Testing

Being at the forefront of technology is cool but sometimes you may be lacking basic tools for efficient development. With MQTT Board developers will avoid this inconvenience. Create connections to any MQTT brokers in seconds, customize properties, test new features of MQTT 5.0, create multiple publishers and subscribers, see messages in real-time. Welcome on Board!

https://flespi.com/blog/smart-and-frien … nd-newbies



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Easy Integration Of Telemetry Data In Your ERP System

You got tons of telematics messages sitting on your servers. However, telemetry data alone does not represent any of your business processes. It needs to be a piece of a bigger whole. Don’t leave it in solitude. Help it reinforce your ERP system and maximize its value to your business. Learn how to do it the right way in the following blog post.

https://flespi.com/blog/easy-integratio … erp-system



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Let's Switch Sides. Flespi Concepts From The User Perspective

flespi is a complex, multi-purpose solution. However, not everyone needs the full set of features. We envisioned ourselves walking in the footsteps of our users to relate the key concepts and functionality that the flespi platform offers to the common tasks that businesses face. Check the straightforward explanations and vivid analogies inside.

https://flespi.com/blog/lets-switch-sid … erspective



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October 2018 change log

- premium 100% platform uptime
- MQTT Board - open-source MQTT 5.0 client tool
- subaccounts management
- Wonde Proud & Sierra Wireless protocols support
- exceptional customer support stats thanks to the built-in chat
- and a bit of customer base analysis.

Read the details in the blog post.




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How To Set Up Email Notifications About Flespi Errors

Even the latest technologies don’t save us from connectivity issues. However, reacting swiftly to occasional failures is viable and desired. The determining factor here is getting notifications about any abnormal situations as soon as possible. The scenario described in this article instructs how to get notifications about flespi stream errors in your inbox within seconds using the open-source Thingsboard platform.

https://flespi.com/blog/how-to-set-up-e … spi-errors



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Flespi Panel Split: More Customization, Fewer Distractions

flespi panel aims to be closer to the tasks you solve. We don’t want you to get distracted by the features you do not use. Now you can pick the mode for your flespi panel (Telematics hub, MQTT broker or Both) and customize the menu even further to leave strictly the items that you need. More details in the blog post.

https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-panel-sp … stractions



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End-to-end connectivity and debugging for GPS hardware manufacturers

You (GPS hardware manufacturers) create devices that are used with various platforms in a number of ways. You cannot always foresee the cases and scenarios in which your equipment is used, but you are often the point of contact for unhappy clients. Flespi suggests building an infrastructure enabling you to diagnose issues more quickly and respond to customer queries with higher accuracy. Equip yourself with proper debugging tools and gain trust with your clients by showing them how much you care.

https://flespi.com/blog/end-to-end-conn … ufacturers



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Flespi Knowledge Base — You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Even the smartest and the greatest need a reference point to springboard their thoughts to the sky. Now we have one for you — a source of answers to your “What is...” and “How to...” questions, a source of inspiration for your projects, and a source of confidence for your business. It’s flespi knowledge base. Follow the link to learn more.

https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-knowledg … ve-answers



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November 2018 change log

It was tough this month but we've made it - 99.95% uptime (due to gnomes in the datacenter).

- a comprehensive Knowledge Base
- new pages for our open-source tools
- new features in the flespi panel
- new protocol integration
- tweaks in the Subaccounts functionality
- updated Status page
- scalability improve in the datacenter
and more.

Learn the details in the blog post.




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Sending Commands To A GPS Tracker From Multiple Platforms

Proxy channel is a bi-directional data stream splitter letting not only fork the message flow from a tracker but also getting the commands back to the device from several destinations. Learn how to set up the proxy channel in flespi and how this may be beneficial for your projects.

https://flespi.com/blog/sending-command … -platforms



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Jasper modem in flespi — a cheaper way to send SMS using ICCID

Configuring tracking devices via SMS is a critical task (and also an expense item) for many telematics service providers. Flespi now offers a way to optimize this process by using the Jasper type modem that allows sending messages to the SIM-card ICCID instead of a phone number. This option is usually cheaper and is well-suited for communication with devices. Check if your projects can benefit from using the Jasper modems. Learn more at the link below.

https://flespi.com/blog/jasper-modem-in … sing-iccid



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Configuring Galileosky devices with flespi

Next up in our series about remote configuration of GPS trackers is Galileosky offering a wide range of reliable feature-rich trackers for versatile applications.

Take advantage of the flespi universal configurator to change settings for Galileosky devices from a user-friendly interface.

Automate the configuration process to facilitate bulk updates and other custom tasks using the flespi API.

Learn about all the capabilities you get in the blog post.

https://flespi.com/blog/configuring-gal … ith-flespi



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Smart Home with a Human Touch: Teaching Home Assistant to Serve You Coffee

Have you ever dreamt of a home not just cozy but functional to the point of nearly reading your thoughts and anticipating your wishes?

Say, you come home on a frosty winter evening and treat yourself to a hot drink and a delicious dinner.

Smart technologies are turning wishful thinking into a dream come true.

Learn how to take advantage of location data from your devices to have the tea made and the dinner cooked right when you need it.

No cookbook or wife required.

https://flespi.com/blog/smart-home-with … you-coffee



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December 2018 change log

Happy New Year to every one of you!

Let us briefly share what we did in December:
- 99.997% monthly uptime (99.995% for the entire 2018)
- 1000 flespi platform users
- subaccounts management now in the flespi panel
- settings for Galileosky devices
- file upload in the flespi chat
- internal changes to the platform.

Check the details in the blog post.

And have a fruitful new year ahead!




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Not a Startup Anymore — Flespi Demonstrates 99.995% Uptime in 2018

Having a “startup” status often serves as an excuse to random downtimes and glitches as well as a warning sign for potential partners. You say: “Sorry, we are just a startup yet” and people become lenient to you (poor thing with no money).

Maturity comes with responsibility. Flespi uptime of 99.995% proves that the platform can take responsibility for the connectivity part of your projects and serve as a reliable backend.

Learn what it takes to reach this score and what comes next in 2019.




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Ready for Enterprise Solutions: Managing Flespi Accounts Hierarchy

When crafting a new application an architect will be highly preoccupied (among other things) with resource allocation, privacy, and permissions management questions.

Flespi hierarchical accounts system covers all of these areas of concern:
- With four layers of accounts hierarchy, you can build large scale products with complex roles structure as well as logical grouping of related objects.
- Built-in limits management allows to precisely define the available scope of resources for each account.
- Flexible ACLs let you tailor permissions to specific areas of the app as well as the actions an account can perform.
- ADVANCED BONUS: extensive data storage (requires careful configuration).

Check the blog post for details and save it in the bookmarks to consider for your next major venture.

https://flespi.com/blog/ready-for-enter … -hierarchy



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HASD — the new generation of hierarchical database

Are you OK with expanding your understanding of what’s possible?

Would you like to get out of your technological comfort zone?


To have a lightning-fast, secure, and easy-to-manage database engine at the cost of believing in the world beyond the SQL/noSQL paradigm.

Sounds intriguing?

Then welcome to the brave new HASD world.

Check all the technicalities inside:

https://flespi.com/blog/hasd-new-genera … l-database



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HelpBox - built-in support chat gains independence

We feel that integrating the support chat into the flespi panel was a step in the right direction.

However, having to load the entire flespi panel to access the chat is not always efficient.

So we are going one step further and giving you an opportunity to run the chat independent from the flespi platform.

You can also add the icon on the home screen of your mobile device for instant access.

Make yourself comfortable with the new HelpBox and learn more about the improvements in our blog post.

https://flespi.com/blog/helpbox-built-i … dependence



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January 2019 change log

We started the new year with the introduction of multiple technological and functional novelties:

- HASD hierarchical database

- subaccounts for large-scale projects

- transition of all device settings into HASD

- improvements to the MQTT infrastructure

- new protocols

and decent uptime of 99.986%.

Learn the details and future plans at the link below.




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Five undocumented features in the flespi panel you may find useful

The flespi UI aka the flespi panel is evolving at an impressive pace.

Not all of the changes deserve a separate post, but as they accumulate, the potential benefits they bring become big enough to draw your attention to a few of them.

We collected five tips and features that might be undeservedly overlooked.


https://flespi.com/blog/five-undocument … ind-useful



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Communicating with ESP8266 over the air via MQTT

What if you could easily build a smart infrastructure where machines and appliances can exchange data directly (without human involved)?

Using the custom firmware for the tiny ESP8266 board you can craft the solutions of any scale to enable M2M communication from point A to point B using MQTT protocol.

It’s hardware-agnostic, all-purpose, and affordable.

Let the devices talk.

Learn the technicalities in the blog post.

https://flespi.com/blog/communicating-w … r-via-mqtt



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Flespi Performance Benchmark

Most of you have heard stories about how cool flespi is.

Now we have the numbers!

We have conducted brief but comprehensive testing of key functional elements of the flespi platform to see how well they perform under heavy load.

It was important for us to make sure we give you the technologies that will never be a bottleneck in your projects.

Learn more about the benchmarking approach and results in the blog post.




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SetBox — Independent Device Manager with Bulk Configuration Support

We’ve just made device configuration even more convenient:

  • Run SetBox as a separate app from anywhere
  • Configure multiple devices at a time in a few mouse clicks
  • Set up trackers via SMS
  • Embed configurator in your solutions
  • Grant temporary access to a subset of devices

Learn more at the link:

https://flespi.com/blog/setbox-independ … on-support



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Customer Care Evolution: Now One Step Closer with the Telegram bot

When a customer wants to contact us with a question, we want them to do it naturally - in a way most convenient to them and most appropriate for the situation they are in.

We already welcome queries via email and HelpBox live chat.

Now you can communicate with us directly from the Telegram messenger.

Just tie your flespi token to the flespi Telegram bot.

With instant notifications, you will never miss a single message and with seamless integration, you will chat with the flespi team as if with a native Telegram contact.

Learn more in the blog post:

https://flespi.com/blog/customer-care-e … legram-bot



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February 2019 change log

As the snow starts to melt, features start to pop up here and there...

- SetBox to configure trackers (even in bulk)
- HelpBox bot to chat with the flespi support from Telegram
- extended storage limits for Commerical users
- regular storage snapshots to backup and restore data in case of emergency
- flespi performance benchmark to quantify how cool flespi is
- new features in MQTT broker
- 99.971% uptime

Check the details in the blog post.




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Flespi Technologies — the Power of the Hidden Gems

Flespi is a stronghold for the brave and daring.

But once you conquer it, the efforts pay off fast and manyfold.

Why? Because flespi fosters innovations that bring a qualitatively new experience.

Learn about some of the technologies born in the flespi kingdom and see how they can add value to your products.

https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-technolo … idden-gems



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Sticky Shared Subscriptions — Smarter Load Balancing with Flespi MQTT Broker

Not always “random” is the best way to distribute the load.

Should you decide to have a say in how publishers are assigned to subscribers, try the new feature of flespi MQTT broker - *sticky shared subscriptions*.

Note that this feature is not included in the MQTT standard and is our own initiative to make it better.

https://flespi.com/blog/sticky-shared-s … qtt-broker



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Snapshots — backup for your flespi data, calmness for you

You trust us processing and storing your data.

It’s a great responsibility for us and a piece of mind for you.

To ensure both of us are happy with such a state of affairs, we introduced snapshots.

We use them to generate and apply automatically to restore data in our storage system.

You can use them to download the telemetry data that arrived at the flespi platform in the last ten days and operate locally at your discretion.

Learn more about snapshots in our blog post:

https://flespi.com/blog/snapshots-backu … ss-for-you



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How MQTT can help tailor messages for your telematics projects

How often do you want to invent your own protocol to get only the data you need, skip the unwanted stuff, and have everything in the specific format?

Well, we can’t do miracles but we can offer a workaround for you.

Craft messages the way you want and feed them in a custom format into your solutions.

Learn the details inside:

https://flespi.com/blog/how-mqtt-can-he … s-projects



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March 2019 change log

- alpha version of the Analytics system unveiled
- terms of use for Free users changed
- extended ACLs
- snapshots for backup
- new protocols integrations
- new MQTT-based tool for dashboard visualization
- and a 100% uptime!

Learn more in the latest changelog:




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flespi analytics engine — intervals, math, and custom logic

Delegate routine stuff and turn on your highway to location-based apps development.

Detect trips and idling.

Calculate mileage, speed, engine hours, etc.

Check geofence entries and exits.

Add custom logic to make the data speak.

Focus on business value and create location-based apps faster.

Dive deeper:

https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-analytic … stom-logic



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MQTT Tiles: shareable and flexible IoT dashboards

A lot of IoT and telematics projects are relying on the MQTT protocol for data transport.

We are offering a neat tool to visualize data from MQTT topics — MQTT Tiles.

With Tiles you get:

- Versatile widgets
- Shareable dashboards
- MQTT 5.0 support
- and more

Check the details and screenshots in the blog post:

https://flespi.com/blog/mqtt-tiles-shar … dashboards



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Undercover agents or how we keep an eye on data parsing errors

Protocols parsing done exactly right is a challenge:

- Firmware versions differ
- Protocol specifications for various device types deviate
- Devices irregularities happen
- Broken packages arrive, etc.

It’s a true art to be able to sift through hundreds of parsing errors, pick the ones to act upon, and ignore the rest.

And this art is automated using flespi technologies.

Don’t be surprised if you see errors disappear literally in front of your eyes.

It’s magic with a pinch of hard work.

Learn more what sits behind the scenes of this magic:

https://flespi.com/blog/undercover-agen … ing-errors



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ReadyMixTracking & flespi: a perfect mix for concrete mixers

How much do you know about flespi customers and their successes?

Probably less than about unicorns.

It’s just because they are secretive and self-sufficient (you know these techie guys).

Today we’ll tell about the team from Brazil developing a project for monitoring of concrete mixers, how they came across flespi halfway through the project, and what happened afterwards.

Read the whole story:

https://flespi.com/blog/readymixtrackin … ete-mixers



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April 2019 change log

The prosperous season is flespi:

- 99.925% uptime (and why we had to go through this)
- new data centers
- automated Analytics engine
- MQTT Tiles visualization tool
- proactive monitoring of parsing errors
- new protocols integrations
- opportunities to talk about flespi in person

Learn the details in the post:




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Configuring Topflytech trackers with flespi

The new version of Topflytech firmware for 3G devices is the result of the close partnership between the Topflytech and flespi engineering teams.

The joint effort led to the implementation of a convenient device configurator for 3G Topflytech trackers.

Now you can change Topflytech device settings related to connectivity, tracking, alarms, and more from the interface of the flespi panel (or via API).

Find the details and screenshots in the article:

https://flespi.com/blog/configuring-top … ith-flespi



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Beyond MQTT 5.0: extras we added on top of the standard

Even though released more than a year ago, MQTT 5.0 is still an attraction primarily for geeks and early adopters.

Flespi is not waiting for it to become mainstream and goes further - we create own fully MQTT 5.0 compliant broker and then add even more features.

For us, the standard is not a limitation but rather a basis upon which we build a functional communication tool capable of solving specific tasks. It’s a practical application that drives the development, not the theoretical specification.

Learn the details in the article and see if it applies to your needs:

https://flespi.com/blog/beyond-mqtt-50- … e-standard



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Get data in your platform via flespi HTTP stream

It’s easy to put the right URI into the stream configuration to force the data flow into your platform.

And what’s on the receiving side? No rocket science either - we’ve prepared the scripts in different programming languages to handle the incoming HTTP requests from the flespi platform.

Just deploy and fine-tune one on your server to get the hold of all the necessary data and start managing it.

https://flespi.com/blog/get-data-in-you … ttp-stream



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Building a GPS monitoring solution with flespi

GPS tracking gives countless opportunities to solve people’s problems, improve the efficiency of life or business, and make some money.

The goal is to find YOUR opportunity. And we’ll help you make it real.

Go through the stages in the article to understand what it takes to develop a custom GPS monitoring solution and how the flespi platform can assist you along the way.

https://flespi.com/blog/building-a-gps- … ith-flespi



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Automatic real-time analytics: freshly calculated intervals for your monitoring solution

flespi analytics goes LIVE.

It means instant intervals calculations for the fleet of any size.

It means any user-defined logic and math are welcome.

It means easily available notifications about a device state change.

It means tons of telemetry messages can be packed and stored cheaper.

And it means even less hassle for developers and even higher performance for their apps.

Learn everything about flespi analytics superpowers here:

https://flespi.com/blog/automatic-real- … g-solution



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May 2019 change log

In May we did a lot of progress and kept uptime high (99.996%).


- impressive units growth

- automatic real-time analytics engine

- new widgets in MQTT Tiles

and more.

Read the details here:




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Analytics walk-through: detecting stops in your trips

flespi analytics is out.

“But, how do I approach it? I feel overwhelmed with the abundance of opportunities it offers.”

Let us do some spoon-feeding for you to feel the taste of it and not choke.

Here are some specific things we’ll do:

- find all stops in the pack of messages

- filter short stops only

- calculate stops duration, etc.

Check the new heavily illustrated article here:

https://flespi.com/blog/analytics-walk- … your-trips



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Analytics walk-through: geofence ins and outs

Continuing our guided tours into flespi analytics.

This time our focus is on geofences. What we’ll do is:

- create a geofence around the city
- check the speed limit inside
- show where the violations took place

Bonus: have you heard about bagel-like geofences? We’ll tell you how to create one;)

Check all details here:

https://flespi.com/blog/analytics-walk- … s-and-outs



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Analytics walk-through: time periods

People like trilogies. So, this is our third part of the analytics walk-through series.

This time we’ll be dealing with aggregating data by time periods.

We’ll instruct flespi to calculate:
- daily mileage
- average daily speed
- time I come to work

Find all the explanations and screenshots in the blog post:

https://flespi.com/blog/analytics-walk- … me-periods



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All it takes to start an e-scooter rental business

Curious about what it takes to establish an e-scooter sharing business?

Actually, you can make it tick with limited resources. And we’ve got some suggestions for you.

Learn how to facilitate the development of the software components of the business and how to minimize hassle with hardware maintenance.

Check the details here:

https://flespi.com/blog/all-it-takes-to … l-business



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June 2019 change log

Oops, we did it again - 100% uptime paired with the impressive change rate:

- the first iteration of the flespi analytics is waiting for you (well-documented)

- flespi MQTT broker gets new extra features

- streams subscriptions API changes (make sure you are using the updated one)

- flespi pricing model meets expectations

- our servers survive a kernel upgrade with zero downtime

- we make the first steps to the world expansion
and more.

Check the details in the new change log:




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Designing a hierarchical project structure

Many telematics businesses have a complex distribution structure. Flespi offers a powerful and adjustable subaccounts mechanism to organize such a structure. In particular:

- let the HQ control everyone

- allocate resources for dealers & sub-dealers

- give (sub-)dealers a quota of resources for use at their discretion

- empower (sub-)dealers to create and assign limits correlating with the pricing model

- help the entire business optimize cost and increase efficiency.

Learn more about the possibilities subaccounts offer to your business:

https://flespi.com/blog/designing-a-hie … -structure



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Sync up with changes in the flespi device API

We work hard to be stable and predictable for our customers. However, sometimes changes are necessary to make further growth and development smoother. And they cause less trouble when done earlier.

We did some changes to flespi device-related operations:

- added a configuration object into device schema

- modified subscriptions mechanism

- deprecated old methods but left them working in parallel with the new ones for some time

Make sure to transition to the new API and do the proper testing in advance.

Check the details and exact dates here:

https://flespi.com/blog/sync-up-with-ch … device-api



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Custom naming scheme for MQTT message parameters

We know that sometimes you want the MQTT channel message parameters to look different.

Now you are the boss.

Easily force parameter names to the convenient notation and use them in your projects.

Check more details and possible uses here:

https://flespi.com/blog/custom-naming-s … parameters



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flespi message parameters: finding the common language

A message in flespi is the key element to get data from. Therefore, it would be great to know what information it can store and what you can do with it.

Learn what flespi messages consist of and what the possibilities to operate them are.

Check the details here:

https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-message- … n-language



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flespi at TelematiX 2019 conference

The telematics event of the year is just around the corner. The 10th anniversary TelematiX in Minsk welcomes the international telematics community on July 30 – August 1.

Quick facts:
- 3 days
- 600+ participants from 70+ countries
- 100+ presentations
- hackathon for telematics developers
- exhibition of hardware manufacturers

flespi team will also be there — come talk to us, attend our presentations, and just absorb this vibrant telematics atmosphere.

Check the details here:

https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-at-telem … conference



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Change log July 2019

Not many exiting features but a lot of works to offer you an even more stable system:

- 99.9997% uptime
- revised REST API for device management and streams subscriptions
- usability improvements in Toolbox
- support for custom parameter naming schemes in MQTT channel
- MQTT Tiles dashboard tool becomes open source
and more.

Check the detailed in the blog post:




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Hackathon-style telematics development with flespi

Developing telematics solutions is no trivial task. However, it’s no rocket science either.

What is critical is having the right tools to reach the goal and a proficient team to use the tools wisely.

We had both ingredients at the first telematics hackathon held as a part of TelematiX conference. And the results are impressive.

Learn more about the delivered projects in the blog post:

https://flespi.com/blog/hackathon-style … ith-flespi



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FormBox: generate forms based on a JSON schema

Our lives are complex enough. And technologies are called to make them easier. But some areas are still longing for some simplification.

One of such areas is forms generation for web applications.

We’ve taken care of that one with the new FormBox tool.

Now you can generate forms of any complexity automatically based on the JSON schema.

Learn more about FormBox and find the examples in the blog post:

https://flespi.com/blog/formbox-generat … son-schema



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