Entering Maintenance Work In Bulk

Topic: Entering Maintenance Work In Bulk

I was asked by a client today if there is a way to add vehicle expenses in bulk.  I showed that you can register event for unit, choose maintenance work, and enter cost and other details.   The client has a large fleet and they are concerned about entering expenses one by one taking too much time.  They want an option where they can maybe type info in a spreadsheet (kind of work, description, cost, duration, etc.) and then upload the spreadsheet in Wialon Hosting.  Is this something that could be added in a future release?


Entering Maintenance Work In Bulk

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Re: Entering Maintenance Work In Bulk

Yes using the API it is possible to register fuel or perform maintenance update as  batch. In fact this is already being done by partners.
As long as the events to be registered are available as csv or database the process is quite straight forward.
Here is an example flowchart to register fuel register.   
(INT_NUMBER is the internal vehicle registration number used by the client to identify the vehicle)


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