Testing: Manage messages sent from CMS Manager

Topic: Testing: Manage messages sent from CMS Manager

Never look back. That’s what you did after sending messages to users from CMS Manager interface. In Wialon beta-version we upgraded the procedure for those interested in the messages after-life. Now you dispose of a special dialog, where you can read notification text and make sure that the message was delivered to the target users. Moreover, any notification can now be deleted if it’s been sent to a wrong user, is no more relevant or contains mistakes.   


There are messages that should be continuously displayed to users, like the ones notifying on the oncoming user denial for non payment, etc. Now you can benefit from the option, which activates the corresponding notification in Wialon Hosting every time the user logs into the system, regardless of whether it has been closed during the previous session, or not. Thus, no matter how many people use the account to enter the system, target user will surely read the message upon authorization.


We also added an option to create templates for the most popular messages. Create reminders, congratulations, tasks and send them to users in one click!

This way working with notifications has become faster and easier, not to mention how simple it is now to reach out to the user.

Marketing specialist, Gurtam