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Topic: Working with messages


I can't understand the reason of cleaning up message loader after loading messages with messages/load_interval command i.e. We use messages/load_interval command and after that we recall this command without cleaning up the message loader and it seems it works with no problem. Please explain it.
My another question is about messages/get_messages command. I think we should load messages with one of to commands for load, then if we want to get messages we can use this command if we want to show/use messages in different pages. Am i right?
And last question, please explain layerName parameter in exchange/export_messages command. i can't understand reason of that and meaning.


Working with messages

Re: Working with messages

Hello, hhamedk.
1. Clean up messages loader (messages/unload request)  is for cleaning messages which were loaded into session on server side.
If you execute multiple load_interval requests in series there is no need to call clean up, messages are released from session on server side before each new load_interval request. But after last such request messages will still stay in session and occupy big amount of memory on server.
Execution of messages/unload request will release server's memory from this messages.
2. Yes
3. Parameter layerName in exchange/export_messages should be passed from result of render/create_messages_layer request:
https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … ages_layer
We'll consider using messages loader instead of renderer when layerName is not passed.

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